Hero Maverick 440 Price Launch Date in India

“Hero Maverick 440 Price Launch Date in India, and Everything You Need to Know”

HERO MAVERICK 440 Price Launch Date in India, and Why It Could Outshine Harley X440

Introducing the Hero Maverick 440 Price Launch Date in India, and What Sets It Apart from the Rest

Are you eager to learn more about the Hero Maverick 440 and its anticipated launch in India? Look no further, as we delve into the details of this highly anticipated motorcycle and why it's creating waves in the biking community.

Let's discuss all those things. Greetings, dear reader. Here's everything you need to know about the Hero Maverick 440 Price Launch Date in India . The X440's frame is identical to this one. The philosophy behind the X440 was to provide a comfortable riding cruiser, typical of Harley Davidson. Here, they've given it a neo-retro touch. However, the riding posture is still comfortable, If I sit then with mid-set footrests and slightly raised handlebars, Which provides a comfortable position.

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Variants and Features:

Boasting three variants—Base, Mid, and Top—the Hero Maverick 440 offers riders a range of options to suit their preferences. From its sleek design to its advanced features, each variant promises to deliver an unmatched riding experience.

Three variations (Base, Mid, and Top) and five color options are available for the bike. The base model comes with spoke wheels and will only be offered in the color Arctic White. The Mid model comes with alloy wheels and will be offered in Celestial Blue and Fearless Red as color options. The Phantom Black and Enigma Black color options are available for the Top version, which has machined metals.
Speaking of variants, let me tell you there’s a base variant with spoke rims, I will add its footage Then a mid-variant with alloy wheels, But if you for its top-end variant, Which comes in phantom black and another black colour, includes diamond-cut alloy wheels.
Now, talking about the hardware , it’s quite a conventional setup. There are two shocks instead of one at the back, and a standard fork up front. Apart from that, there aren’t many fancy features, especially in the mid-variant Bluetooth features are not available either. You’ll have to go for the top-end variant, which will likely have a higher price, I don’t know the prices so far. However, generally speaking, because they have chosen a traditional setup, saved weight, previously built an engine, and have a frame that is ready to go Therefore, I believe they can act aggressively given the Hero name. To my understanding,

Performance and Power:

Powered by a 440cc oil-cooled engine, the Maverick ensures impressive performance on the road. With 27 horsepower and 36 Nm of torque, riders can expect smooth acceleration and dynamic handling, making every journey a thrilling adventure. the same one that drives the Harley-Davidson X440. At 6000 rpm, the engine produces 27 horsepower, and at 4000 rpm, 36 Nm. A six-speed gearbox with a slip-and-assist clutch is matched with it.

Which is 2Nm less, if you compare it with X440 Because your 90% torque is delivered at 2000 rpm. That means low-end torque will be good.
But it is not raised that much As you see in other Crusier and Classis motorcycle So, I’m slightly dedicated and comfortable position I can sit straight It features a single seat, not too broad, and a pillion can sit, but the grab handle resembles what you get in Hero’s commuter motorcycles.

Talking about the tank, Of course, It has a neo-retro look, They were also teasing its front look A slight V shape from the front, reminiscent of Yamaha V.

You have got a round fully LED headlight, Also, in the Neo retro design We have seen that it’s a bit lightweight. But the weight of the frame plus the engine Plus overall, the weight of the hardware The overall weight has been reduced by about 3kg, But 3kg can make a significant difference in the riding experience.
Hero Maverick 440 Price Launch Date in India

Design and Aesthetics:

Drawing inspiration from its predecessor, the Harley X440, the Hero Maverick 440 exudes elegance and style. From its circular LED projector headlamp to its contoured fuel tank, every aspect of this bike is meticulously designed to turn heads wherever it goes.

The Mavrick has telescopic front forks with a 43 mm diameter and twin shock absorbers with seven steps at the back. With 13.5 liters of fuel capacity, it weighs 187 kg with alloy wheels and 191 kg with spoke wheels. It has 17-inch wheels on both ends. The bike is 2100 mm long, with a wheelbase of 1388 mm, 175 mm of ground clearance, and an 803 mm seat height. 320 mm disc brakes up front and 240 mm disc brakes down the back handle braking.


Now, it's got a small light it's a small LED, A nice touch, every element here is LED, let me turn on the hazard lamp, front LED, indicators LED, and everything is LED. You get a small, lovely digital screen, which has various information such as time, fuel gauge, and if you want to change something, there's a button right here. You can cycle through trip A, trip B, fuel economy, range, ODO meter, and the 22 km milestone by pressing it. Thus, all these goods are yours. Should you choose to reset, just as I must reset Trip B. A long press of this S button will reset it. It's basic, but you get all the information. By the way, the Bluetooth features won't be available in this version; You'll have to go for the top-end variant to get features like turn-by-turn navigation and connectivity features.
Hero Maverick 440 Price Launch Date in India

Engine Sound

Its engine note is pretty bassy and grunty, and it has a wonderful grunt to it. The Indian manufacturers are doing a great job, So, the exhaust note is bassy. It is also almost similar to the Harley-Davidson. They have slightly tried to refine it. It'll likely get more refined in the upcoming models. but it's already very refined. The engine is quite refined; We've experienced it in the X440, I haven't personally ridden it. I'll have to wait until February to ride it.

Hero Maverick 440 Price Launch Date in India

The Base, Mid, and Top versions of the new Mavrick will retail for Rs 1.99 lakh, 2.14 lakh, and 2.24 lakh, respectively (all prices ex-showroom). Interested parties can reserve the motorcycle online or by going to the Hero dealership that is closest to them. Additionally, the business announced the introduction of the "Welcome to Mavrick Club Offer," which will be accessible to clients who reserve the bike by March 15.

A personalized Mavrick kit with items and accessories valued at Rs. 10,000 would be given to them. The new Hero Mavrick 440 is expected to start being delivered in April 2024.

The pricing should be aggressive This is what I believe How much aggressive? I think if they make it around 40,000- 50,000 rupees cheaper than the X440, Then it would be enjoyable Looking at the bike,


In conclusion, Hero Maverick 440 Price Launch Date in India is not just a motorcycle—it's a symbol of innovation, performance, and style. With its competitive pricing and imminent launch in India, riders can look forward to experiencing the thrill of the Maverick firsthand. So, mark your calendars and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with the Hero Maverick 440.

But apart from that, I'm not that fat But still, this bike seems slightly small. i.e. there's not a massive road presence, which you generally expect from a 400cc bike. Considering its neo-retro style, It should be flickable and enjoyable to ride.
So, I believe I’ve given you all the information. I hope you enjoyed the post. If you did, don’t forget to like and share it.

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Que: What is the price of Hero 440 bike?

Ans: Hero MotoCorp has finally revealed the Mavrick 440's pricing, which begin at Rs 1.99 lakh. There are three variations available: Base, Mid, and Top. The prices of the latter two variants are Rs 2.14 lakh and Rs 2.24 lakh.

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