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Seven Start-Up Business Ideas That Require Less Than Rs. 2 Lakh or more

Seven Start-Up Business Ideas That Require Less Than Rs. 2 Lakh or more

It's not always required to start a business with a large investment. With creativity, determinationand a budget of less than Rs 2 lakh

It's not always required to start a business with a large investment. With creativity, determination, and a budget of less than Rs 2 lakh, aspiring entrepreneurs can explore various opportunities. In this blog post, we'll delve into Seven Start-Up Business Ideas That Require Less Than Rs. 2 Lakh that have the potential to thrive on a modest budget.

Two essentials

Growing a business can be an uphill battle. Starting a business requires two essentials: idea and investment. Here are Seven Start-Up Business Ideas That Require Less Than Rs. 2 Lakh or more investment if funding is your key worry.

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Bakery Start-Up Business Ideas

1. Bakery Shop out of Seven Start-Up Business Ideas That Require Less Than Rs. 2 Lakh or more

A bakery business is a sweet venture that doesn't necessarily demand a massive investment. With a budget of less than Rs 2 lakh, you can set up a small-scale bakery specializing in cakes, pastries, and other baked goods. Focus on unique Flavors and creative designs to attract local customers. Additionally, consider offering customized cakes for special occasions to enhance your market presence.

How to start one of Seven Start-Up Business Ideas That Require Less Than Rs. 2 Lakh or more

We will discuss the idea of opening a bakery shop, emphasizing the demand for bakery products in India and abroad. It suggests that when thinking of giving gifts, people often opt for items from a bakery. I will mention guidance on how to open a bakery shop. It highlights the importance of obtaining licenses, such as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license and health license. The video also emphasizes the need for fire safety measures, trademark registration, GST registration for businesses with an annual turnover exceeding 20 lakhs, and the importance of choosing a strategic location for the bakery. It further advises on the arrangement of seating in the shop, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, and investing in baking equipment, refrigeration, and packaging. The passage also mentions the diverse range of bakery products that can be offered, including biscuits, cookies, ice cream, snacks, bread, pizza, soft drinks, and more. Lastly, it suggests hiring skilled and experienced staff to ensure product quality and excellent customer service, with a recommended staff size of 15 to 20 individuals, including bakers, security guards, drivers, and delivery personnel.

Start-Up Business Ideas Catering

2. Catering and Event Management

If you have a flair for organizing events and love cooking, catering and event management could be a lucrative business idea. Use your budget wisely to invest in essential kitchen equipment and marketing materials. Start small by catering for local events and gradually expand your services. Building a good reputation through excellent service will help attract more clients over time.

The text discusses various aspects of organizing children's birthday parties, emphasizing the importance of handling everything from cakes and decorations to catering and venue booking. It also advises focusing on defining boundaries and being clear about services in the event management business. The speaker emphasizes the significance of well-designed business cards, efficient handling of events, and specialization in themes for birthdays and weddings. Additionally, the text suggests starting with small, budget-friendly parties and gradually expanding to larger events. The speaker highlights the need for proper planning, delegation, and expertise in catering, decoration, and management. Overall, the text encourages individuals to venture into event management with dedication and passion.

The second part of the text discusses event management as a business, mentioning various types of events like weddings, corporate events, shows, stage performances, awards functions, press conferences, exhibitions, and concerts. It emphasizes the importance of hiring event management companies to organize and execute these events smoothly. The speaker also shares insights into the growth of the event management industry in India, discussing the market size and annual growth rate. The text suggests that pursuing a career in event management requires qualities like observation, general awareness, logical thinking, self-motivation, fluent communication, organization, and creativity. It also mentions the availability of event management courses at different levels (diploma, bachelor's, and master's) and specialization areas such as event marketing, production, planning, accounting, and risk management. Finally, the text mentions potential career paths in event planning, management, logistics, and communication.

3. Equipment Rental Services

Starting an equipment rental service is a practical business idea that requires minimal investment. Purchase essential equipment such as power tools, gardening tools, or party equipment, and rent them out to individuals or businesses in your community. A well-managed inventory and excellent customer service will be the key to success in this venture.
An underrated business idea. All that is required is the purchase of mechanical items, such as farming implements and construction equipment, and their reasonable rental. It won’t take more than Rs 2 lakh to start, but it will eventually become profitable.
Establishing a rental business can be quite beneficial in the current dynamic economy. As we all know, most people prefer to live opulent lives. But not everyone can afford the expense of purchasing luxurious equipment and tools, hence such people prefer to take them on rent. Keeping in mind the demand of such people, when any item, equipment or product is given for rent., rental businesses offer you a wider ray of opportunities.

Keeping in mind the demand of such people, when any item, equipment, or product is given for rent by an entrepreneur, then it is called Rental Business. And, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner looking to diversify, rental businesses offer you a wide array of opportunity So, any rental-related business can be a clever and successful method for anyone to make money.
Certain industries require specialized equipment that may not be readily available for purchase. As a result, they will hire necessary equipment for a particular firm and utilize it for their operations. So you can provide specialty equipment rentals that cater to specific industries such as healthcare, agriculture. Scientific instruments or technology? And identifying niche markets and offering specialized equipment can lead to a loyal customer base.
Rental Start-Up Business Ideas

4. Repair Workshops

Providing repair services for electronic gadgets, appliances, or even bicycles can be a viable business with a modest budget. Invest in the necessary tools and training, and set up a small repair workshop. Offering doorstep services can be an additional selling point, helping you reach a wider customer bases you can start one of its Seven Start-Up Business Ideas That Require Less Than Rs. 2 Lakh or more

Auto repair can be a good option today.

We will explain how you can open your auto repair garage. Speaking of the automotive industry, they sold nearly 3.5 million units in 2020, making it the fifth-largest market in the world. This market included both commercial and passenger vehicles. In terms of commercial vehicle production in 2019, India was in the seventh position. In 2020, approximately 3,000,000 vehicles were sold in India, and in May 2021 alone, the production of passenger vehicles in India exceeded 800,000 units. The total contribution of the automobile industry to the Indian GDP is 7.1%. Regarding two-wheelers, in the financial year 2020-21, approximately 15 million two-wheelers were sold.

After such tremendous sales, people certainly need the secrets of auto repair to fix their vehicles when they break down. Therefore, the auto repair garage business is an evergreen business where people can build their careers and make money. Before starting any business, it is always best to undergo training or acquire knowledge. Therefore, getting trained as an auto repairer is beneficial. If you study or practice before starting, it will be advantageous. For those who cannot do it themselves, hiring professionals with a degree and good experience in this field is recommended.

The automobile industry is a technology-driven industry where new technologies emerge every day. Therefore, there is a constant need to learn new things and continually improve one's skills to stay sustainable in this industry. Completing a course can open up career opportunities such as maintenance technician, out-of-service technician, motor vehicle mechanic, filter automobile, and supervisor. Let's explore the steps that can help you start your auto repair garage:
Start-Up Business Ideas Work shop

Business Registration:

To start your business, you need to create a business plan first. This plan should include details such as the type of business, business capital, location, garage structure, number of staff, electricity, and wattage, maintenance and other expenses. After calculating these factors, you need to register your business.

Choosing a Business Name:

If you register your business in the name of a female family member, you may be eligible for subsidies. After business registration, obtain a trade license and a Goods and Services Tax (GST) number.

Location for Your Garage:

To open an auto repair garage, you need to find a suitable location where there is potential for business growth. Nowadays, in almost every small and big city, as well as in villages, people own bikes, scooters, cars, or other vehicles that may need repairs. If there is a demand for garage services in your area, you can open a garage. Always choose a location that has easy access, like a junction where vehicles pass, or a bypass road connected to a highway.

Experience and Research:

Before starting any business, it is advisable to gain experience in that field. Research the business environment and market to make informed decisions. Having prior experience can be beneficial for the long-term success of your business.


It would be best if you find a mechanic who has knowledge of working on various engines or car brands, including bronze. Additionally, it’s beneficial if they have deep knowledge of this particular tree because using high-quality spare parts is crucial. Using the right quality parts reduces the chances of complaints in your service, building trust with customers. Next, pricing is essential; ensure your service has a competitive rate that is affordable for people in your region and not significantly more expensive than other states. The growth of your business depends on the quality of your service. Satisfied customers will recommend you, contributing to a growing customer base.
For advertising, invest in print ads, social media promotion, hoardings, and local announcements. The more you inform people about your business, the more beneficial it will be. Advertising doesn’t mean only during the business opening; continuous promotion throughout the year will create a more lasting impact. Utilize festival offers or discounts by advertising them.
To protect your business from risks, make sure your garage is clean, secure, and well-equipped. Consider insurance to safeguard against fire, theft, or other accidents. For business development, focus on building a customer database from day one. Maintain and expand it by talking to customers, collecting feedback, and reminding them about your services. Strong relationships and trust with customers will lead to long-term success. Additionally, leverage social media as a powerful tool for business promotion.
Understand the significance of referrals and consider implementing a referral scheme. When customers see you as their brand ambassador, they become more likely to help your business grow by recommending it to others. Motivate your team to deliver excellent service, and if customers are satisfied, offer discounts on future services or other incentives. This way, even if 10 to 20 new customers join every month, you could have 100 to 200 new customers by the end of the year. These strategies can contribute to the success of your auto repair garage business.

5. Taxi Services

Blog post is now so long letssummarize remaining topics

The rise of ride-sharing platforms has created opportunities for individuals to start their own taxi services with a minimal budget. Invest in a well-maintained vehicle, ensure all necessary permits are obtained, and provide reliable and safe transportation services. Focus on building a good relationship with local customers to generate repeat business.

6. Grocery Shop

Setting up a neighbourhood grocery store is a traditional yet enduring business idea. One of Seven Start-Up Business Ideas That Require Less Than Rs. 2 Lakh or more, stock essential items and focus on customer convenience. Consider offering home delivery services to attract more customers, especially during the current trend of online shopping.
Start-Up Business Ideas Clothing

7. Clothing Store

Starting a small clothing store with a niche focus can be a successful venture. Invest in a carefully curated inventory of affordable yet stylish clothing. Utilize social media platforms to market your products and attract a local customer base. Building a strong brand image and offering personalized customer service can set your store apart.


These business ideas demonstrate that with creativity and careful planning, entrepreneurs can establish Seven Start-Up Business Ideas That Require Less Than Rs. 2 Lakh or more thriving ventures with a budget. By focusing on customer needs, providing quality products or services, and leveraging cost-effective marketing strategies, individuals can turn their business dreams into reality. Remember, success often starts small but grows with dedication and innovation.

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Q: How much time does it take to see returns on investment in a low-capital business?

Ans: The timeline for seeing returns varies, but many successful entrepreneurs start witnessing profits within the first year.

Q: Are there any government schemes or grants available for small businesses?

Ans: Yes, various government initiatives provide financial support and incentives for small businesses. Research and apply for relevant programs.

Q: Can these business ideas be scaled up in the future?

Ans: Absolutely! Many businesses that started small have successfully scaled up over time. It requires strategic planning and continuous effort.

Q: How do I choose the right business idea for me?

Ans: Consider your skills, interests, and market demand. Choose a business that aligns with your strengths and passions.

Q: Is it possible to start these businesses part-time while working a full-time job?

Ans: Yes, many entrepreneurs start their businesses on a part-time basis. It allows for a gradual transition and reduces financial risk.

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