Starting a Successful Ice Cream Shop in India 2024

Starting a Successful Ice Cream Shop in India 2024: A Comprehensive Guide.

Opening Successful Ice Cream Shop in India 2024 Why ?

It remains hot for most of the months in the maximum areas of India. It is more hot in South, West and East zones.Because India is a country with tropical climates, due to this having the longest summers in the nation. The ice cream industry appears to be the most profitable. Successful Ice Cream Shop in India 2024 industry has undergone some significant innovation in the previous several years. In the past, roadside carts were widely used by the populace, primarily young people. The idea of ice cream parlours, where people may enjoy ice cream at their leisure, is quickly becoming popular these days.

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Especially the people of the present generation who live in cities like it more. People of all ages also like ice cream more these days. Middle class and upper class people eat it more. After having dinner at night, you must have seen many people selling ice cream in carts on the roadside and there is a crowd of people there. Therefore, ice cream business can be a very profitable business. Today in this article we will talk about the steps, cost and other benefits of opening Successful Ice Cream Shop in India 2024

Market Research to opening Successful Ice Cream Shop in India 2024

Conducting extensive market research is the first step towards launching a successful ice cream parlour, just like any other business. Over the past ten years, there have been substantial changes to the Indian ice cream market.

Prior to creating an ice cream business plan, you must ascertain the potential of the regional market. To learn about the expectations of your local clients, the options that are already available to them, and the gaps in their experience, conduct market research. This will help you determine the best course of action for your company.


Unlike other foods, eating ice cream is not required, but it is more enjoyable and stylish among the masses. Therefore, thorough market study must to be carried out prior to selecting the site. Since an ice cream truck is a mobile asset, it can test out several locations before settling on one.
Starting a Successful Ice Cream Shop in India 2024
Parking spaces must be available in order to open an ice cream shop. Customers typically make ice cream purchases on the spur of the moment, so the shop should have enough of parking and be quickly accessible. Choose a spot close to commercial establishments like markets, shops selling toys and clothes for kids, or family-friendly eateries.

Area & Investments Needed To Open An Ice Cream Shop

The average amount of money needed for either scenario ranges from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs, depending on the atmosphere and sitting area you like to create. Up to 15 lakhs can be needed for an investment in a posh ice cream shop. An ice cream shop typically needs a 400–500 square foot carpeted space or a small food truck with the required refrigeration setup. In addition, one needs to locate a market or catchment region with a significant volume of foot traffic and a ready-made consumer base.
Starting a Successful Ice Cream Shop in India 2024

Select the Business Format.

There are various kinds of ice cream parlours:

Little take-out-only stands at beaches, malls, and other busy locations.

Take-out/dining establishments Specialized/themed ice cream shops

Selecting the aesthetic for your ice cream shop is the first step. After the format has been corrected, you should decide whether to:

Produce ice cream and market it under your own name.

You could also choose to sell ice cream from a third-party brand through a franchise arrangement.

Every model has advantages and disadvantages. Starting a franchise, for instance, is simpler because the franchisor helps you with every stage of setting up your company. You are limited in your originality under this arrangement, though, as you are required to follow the franchiser's guidelines.

Conversely, having your own brand allows you to explore new things and test out ideas, but getting started can be very difficult. Also, it becomes challenging to establish a connection with customers until you give your business a personality.

Thus, weigh the benefits and drawbacks of both formats to choose which format is best for your ice cream shop.

Equipment Types for the Menu in Stores

Once the location and format are set, make a list of how many things you want to offer at your store. Subsequently, evaluate it against the competition and maintain a low initial price to gain market share and provide complimentary samples. Decide what kitchen equipment you want to buy based on the menu, and then make a list of everything you want to buy new and everything you can buy used or from the previous owner.

Equipment List Needed to Open an Ice Cream Shop

The equipment list for a Cold Stone ice cream parlour (with a ballpark estimate)

Refrigerator with cold stone (Rs 2-2.5 lakhs)

500L capacity chest refrigerator (Rs 40,000)

Utensils and storage cabinets (Rs 30,000)

Packaged raw materials cost between Rs. 1 and 1.5 lakhs. Unspecified (Rs 50,000).
Power backup is essential for an ice cream shop since melting ice cream is the main source of waste in these establishments. Ice cream should keep in a decent refrigerator for at least two hours, but if there is a prolonged power outage, things might get dangerous. Thus, don’t forget to purchase a top-notch silent generator. This is available for less than Rs 1 Lac.

Staff Need

Now that it is finalized, you alone are not enough to handle this business. You will need staff who are experts in making ice cream. For which you will have to pay around 30 to 40 thousand monthly salary. In this way, one chef will be enough for you in the beginning who can prepare different flavours. Then later the manpower will be increased up to 3 . 1 for Counter, 1 for customer handling and 1 already fixed for chef.

Opening An Ice Cream Parlour Requires Certain Licencing And Paperwork

Since ice cream is typically eaten for dessert, 9 PM onwards is when ice cream sales peak. For late-night operations, obtain a licence to operate your ice cream shop until at least one in the morning.

Since ice cream is classified as food, all of the licences needed—fire, local municipal authority, shop establishment, and FSSAI licenses—are very similar to those needed for a QSR.

Last but not least, the success of your ice cream business plan mostly rests on the distinctive flavours you offer, the appropriate price, and the high traffic market. Therefore, if you have a solid ice cream company plan and carefully follow the previously listed guidelines,

How much profit margin is ideal for keeping in my ice cream business?

Now comes the question of how much profit there will be. Let me tell you that market and location play a big factor in this and if you have opened your own brand then after covering the entire cost you can make a profit margin of 30-40% and if you have taken a franchise then You may earn less in this.

Does my ice cream parlor business require a business plan?

You won't believe how competitive the ice cream company market is. It is quite simple to locate ice cream-focused brands, fast food chains that serve dessert, and independent vendors. However, not every brand or up-and-coming ice cream business may monopolise the market share. In an ice cream shop, various patrons have varied needs. Some like the original recipe, free of novel flavours or trendy ingredients like nitrogen.

How can I get ice cream delivered locally?

Bringing ice cream is far more difficult to transport than any other food item. When it comes to ice cream delivery, whether it's five or twenty-five minutes away, the packaging is crucial. To safeguard your delivery against heat or other temperature fluctuations, use efficient insulated packaging. It's usual practice to use dry ice to keep the ice cream frozen, but for extra security, think about utilising gel packs.


Opening a Successful Ice Cream Shop in India 2024 can be a highly profitable venture, thanks to the country's long summers and growing demand for quality desserts. Key steps to success include conducting thorough market research, choosing the right location, deciding on a business format, and making the necessary investments in equipment and staff. Proper licensing and innovative marketing strategies are also crucial. By following these guidelines and staying attentive to market trends, you can build a thriving ice cream business with significant profit potential.
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Q: What is the future of ice cream business in India?

Ans: Expert industry Research (EMR) projects that between 2024 and 2032, the size of the Indian ice cream industry would increase significantly at a compound annual growth rate of 15%.

Q: Is ice cream business profitable in India?

Ans: Even a tiny proprietor of an ice cream making business may expect to make between 45,000 and 1.2 lakh in profits on average. If we discuss an ice cream manufacturing company that is profitable, competitive, and has a strong market and brand, they can make over two lakhs every month.

Q: How much margin is in ice cream?

Ans: A 30% to 40% profit margin is ideal for ice cream, but it also depends on your market.

Q: What is the failure rate of ice cream shops?

Ans: Just 50% of ice cream stores survive for five years, which is a startling statistic.

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