Bajaj Pulsar N150 new LCD

Bajaj Pulsar N150 new LCD and also N160, featuring new LCD screens and Bluetooth connectivity, were launched in 2024.

Bajaj Pulsar N150 new LCD and also N160, featuring new LCD screens and Bluetooth connectivity.

A few days after their introduction, Bajaj has now introduced the 2024 Pulsar N150 and N160 models in India. There are two versions of each of these bikes. While the base model of the N160 costs Rs 1.31 lakh, the base model of the N150 costs Rs 1.18 lakh. Both prices are in Delhi, ex-showroom.
Bajaj has formally introduced the 2024 Pulsar N150 and N160 models in India, a few days after their debut. There are two versions available for each of the Pulsar N150 and N160. While the base N160 costs Rs 1.31 lakh, the base N150 model is priced at Rs 1.18 lakh. Prices listed are ex-showroom in Delhi.

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Difference between Old and New Pulsar N150

The base Pulsar N150's price remains the same since the base versions keep the same analog-digital display as the 2023 models. Nevertheless, the base N160 is considerably more expensive than the previous base variant because dual-channel ABS is now included as standard.

Design Bajaj Pulsar N150 new LCD

The ultimate 150 Detailed To Awe All-new aerodynamic 3D front is finished in a dynamic interplay of metalized dual colors, embodying sculptural purity.

Athletic Rear Exhaust

In order to improve balance and handling, the sporty, nimble, and expertly designed underbelly exhaust has been placed closer to the bike's center of gravity. Depending on your preference, the new Pulsar N150 will increase the thrill of riding with its more upright stance in the single disc version and sportier posture in the twin disc model!
Bajaj Pulsar N150 new LCD

Cycling Ergonomics

Maintain control at all times with the 790 mm seat height. In addition, the bike's slimmer thigh area allows for better ground reachability.

Enhanced Output Tone

Throaty exhaust note that draws attention and inspires admiration in public spaces.

Performance of Bajaj Pulsar N150 new LCD

Thrilling Acceleration And Daily Riding Comfort.

Class-Leading Achievement

With new and enhanced twin-spark and improved ride feel, the iconic "Pulsar rush" will reach new heights. It will produce 10.66 kW (14.5 PS) of power and 13.5 Nm of torque.

A Whole New Enhanced Motor

Ride the most sophisticated Pulsar 150 to date as you cruise through the streets.
Pulsar N150 Engine

On-Demand Torque

Never run out of power. 90% of peak torque is accessible in the practical RPM range, resulting in a larger torque band.

Better Ride Quality: A damper and best-in-class gear shifting sensation work together to improve vibration and noise levels.


Functionalities That Promote Real -World Riding.

LED Headlamp for Projectors

The dual-purpose LED projector headlight, surrounded by an LED pilot light, provides unparalleled illumination and a focused beam for increased safety.
Bajaj Pulsar N150 new LCD

A brand-new console with an infinite display

The contemporary digital readouts' appearance and bluetooth connectivity are brought to life by the new Infinity console.

Mobile USB Charging Port

A mobile charging outlet that's conveniently located next to the tank flap will keep you supercharged even when you're out and about.

Distance Before Empty Output

Better fuel planning is possible with this integrated infinity console.

Control & Safety

More control is necessary for more power!

ABS Single Channel Braking Technology

Brake in an emergency situation with complete confidence. When ABS activates, wheels are kept from locking or skidding on any surface.

New Suspension for Monoshock

Precision handling and balance are guaranteed by the sophisticated monoshock rear suspension, all without sacrificing rider comfort.
Bajaj Pulsar N150 new LCD

Greater Grip

Wider tires (120/80-17 R, 90/90-17 F) offer improved control and stability.

Price of Bajaj Pulsar N150 new LCD

The Pulsar N150 and N160, the top models, cost Rs 1.24 lakh and Rs 1.33 lakh, respectively. A brand-new, all-digital LCD with Bluetooth is featured on both. The rider may handle calls and receive message notifications straight from the dashboard once they've synced their phone with an app.

Although the top-spec model of the Pulsar N150 only has a single-channel ABS system, it has disc brakes on both ends, which is a significant improvement. Delivery of the 2024 Bajaj Pulsar N150 and N160 is anticipated to begin shortly, and reservations are now being accepted.
Bajaj Pulsar N150 New LCD
Bajaj Pulsar N150 new LCD


In summary, the 2024 launch of the Bajaj Pulsar N150 new LCD and N160 models in India has brought about significant upgrades and enhancements. With the introduction of new LCD screens and Bluetooth connectivity, these bikes offer modern features that cater to the demands of today's riders.

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Q: What is the speed of Pulsar N150?

Ans: Mileage for the Bajaj Pulsar N150 is 50 km/l (estimated). The 150cc street motorcycle has a performance rating of 16 seconds for 0-100 kmph acceleration. The actual top speed of the Bajaj Pulsar N150 is 115 kmph.

Q: Why is pulsar so popular?

Ans: Indian motorcycle buyers expect their vehicles to be practical for daily usage, visually appealing, low maintenance, and fuel-efficient. The Bajaj Pulsar series is incredibly well-liked among Indians since it checks all the boxes.

Q: Why is Pulsar so popular?

Ans: It is their output of electricity. The combined power output from these three Pulsars leads the sector. That's the primary explanation for these motorcycles' appeal to today's youth. The Pulsars gained immediate popularity in the market because of their engine options and reasonable prices.

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