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Hero Surge S32  is a two-in-one convertible electric scooter and rickshaw.

Hero Surge S32 Overview

Hero Surge S32 is atwo-in-one convertible electric scooter and rickshaw.

Welcome to the comprehensive Hero Surge S32 tutorial, where we explore the nuances of this state-of-the-art hardware. It's not an option, but rather a need to stay ahead in an increasingly innovative environment. Come along as we examine the characteristics, advantages, and unmatched benefits that make Hero Surge S32 the clear winner in its class.

Introduced by Hero MotoCorp's Surge startup, the Surge S32 is a two-in-one convertible car. The modular EV offers self-employed people flexible mobility by smoothly converting from a 3W electric car to an electric scooter. Inspired by Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight, this innovative idea enables people to improve their standard of living and income.
Have you watched Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight, where Batman’s automobile can change into a bike by simply pressing a button?

With its latest product, the Surge S32, an electric three-wheeler vehicle that can be transformed into an electric two-wheeler scooter in only three minutes, the Hero MotoCorp-owned Indian two-wheeler company Surge startup has also attempted to imitate the same. According to the business, the special three-wheeler cum scooter was created for independent contractors, offering them the convenience of an electric rickshaw and an electric scooter in one vehicle.

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The Hero Surge S32: What is it?

Hero MotoCorp's Surge S32 is intended for independent contractors. A two-in-one convertible electric vehicle (EV) is the Surge S32. The Surge S32, which is a fully modular vehicle designed for real-world fighters, is a vehicle inspired by the idea of larger vehicles with a removable 2-wheeler, akin to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight.

An electric scooter and a 3W electric rickshaw can be converted by Surge S32 owners alternately. According to the firm, the idea of a "class-shifting vehicle" allows customers to improve their standard of living and earning potential. In just three minutes, the Surge S32 makes it possible to go from a daily commuter (3W electric car) to a more upscale form of personal transportation (electric scooter).

The concept of Surge S32 allows users/buyers to own a single vehicle and move between classes. By bringing out the electric scooter, owners/buyers can now transform into more comfortable and presentable people after their everyday struggles. According to Surge, it should take three minutes to disassemble the scooter from the 3W setup.

In this sense, Surge S32 is a modular product that combines their everyday asset—a 3W electric vehicle—with their upscale mode of personal transportation, an electric scooter. Surge S32 claims that conversion from a 3W car to a scooter may occur on any surface and that fail-safe procedures and adaptive controls would guarantee a seamless transition.
Hero Surge S32

Features and Specifications

The Surge S32 initially looks like a typical 3W electric rickshaw or freight vehicle since it has a front passenger compartment with standard features including wipers, headlights, turn signals, and a windscreen. Although Surge doesn't have doors at first, it's possible that they may eventually have soft doors with zippers that can be removed for weather protection.

The front windshield part lifts vertically to show the electric scooter inside with a single button press. The cabin of the 3W vehicle changes, allowing a spring-loaded double-stand mechanism to be deployed. Now that it is outside of the 3W vehicle's cockpit, the electric scooter has LED headlights, turn signals, a speedometer, and switchgear all its own.

The battery and power of the Surge S32 are intelligently divided between the 2W scooter and the 3W vehicle. The scooter has an engine rated at 3 kW (4 bhp), but the 3W has a potent 10 kW (13.4 bhp) engine. The scooter has a large 3.5 kWh battery, but the 3W has an 11-kWh battery that guarantees a significant range. The Surge S32 accommodates a range of tastes, with a top speed of 50 km/h for the 3W and a little faster 60 km/h for the scooter. The 3W's remarkable 500 kg load carrying capacity increases its usefulness even more.
Hero Surge S32 Specifications


In summary, Hero MotoCorp's Surge startup unveiled the Hero Surge S32, a revolutionary two-in-one convertible electric scooter and rickshaw. It smoothly converts in three minutes from a 3W electric car to an electric scooter, drawing inspiration from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight. It is designed for independent contractors and functions as a "class-shifting vehicle," improving the quality of life for its users and providing a fresh take on personal transportation. With features like a speedometer and LED lamps that intelligently balance power and battery between the scooter and 3W car, the Surge S32 astonishes with its features. This innovation promises a better future for urban mobility and raises the bar for modular electric car technology.

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Q: What will be price in India?

Ans: The price of this electric vehicle can be between Rs 2,50,000 to Rs 3,00,000 or even more.

Q: What will be range of Hero Surge S32?

Ans: If we talk about range, we get a range of up to 60 Km in the scooter.

Q: Hero Surge S32 launching date in India?

Ans: Lauching date not yet confirmed

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