New Yamaha FZ4 150cc motorcycle

Yamaha Motor India Unveils New Yamaha FZ4 150cc Motorcycle with Exciting Color Options

In India, Yamaha Motor India has introduced a brand-New Yamaha FZ4 150cc motorcycle.

One of the biggest producers of two-wheelers in the nation is Yamaha Motor India. Two new colours have been introduced by the manufacturer for New Yamaha FZ4 150cc motorcycle market. The brand has disclosed which bike and at what price are available in the new colours. Tell us.
Auto Desk in New Delhi. New Yamaha FZ4 150cc motorcycle has been introduced in India by Japanese two-wheeler maker Yamaha in two new hues. Which fresh hues has the brand introduced? How much is it going to cost? In this essay, we will tell you about this.
New Yamaha FZ4 150cc motorcycle has been introduced to the Indian market by Yamaha Motor India. Intriguing Cyber Green and Ice Fluo-Vermillion are two of the new colour possibilities. The business anticipates that young people will love both of the new colours.
“At Yamaha, we believe that today’s young riders are not just looking for transport but a holistic lifestyle,” stated the chairman of the Yamaha Motor India Group. They have aspirations and a keen sense of fashion and trends around the world. They seek for various experiences that are distinctive and help them stand out, and their interests and preferences are varied. Youth around the world, including in India, are embracing the newest colour trends and connecting their personalities to them. We are able to innovate because of this continuous change, and we are determined to live up to the high standards set by our youthful clientele.
New Yamaha FZ4 150cc motorcycle
The addition of eye-catching colour options to the FZS-FI DLX lineup today demonstrates our dedication to the Indian market to consistently maintain our brand and product offerings relevant to our clients. In order to pique young people’s interest and increase customer satisfaction, we will keep working to innovate and improve our offerings.
There are six distinct colour options available for the Yamaha FZS Version 4. These colours include Racing Blue, Matte Black, Metallic Grey, Ice Fluo-Vermillion, and Cyber Green.
Yamaha has introduced two new colorways for the FZS Version-4. The bike costs Rs 1.30 lakh, ex-showroom, when purchased in these hues.


Yamaha Motor India's latest offering, New Yamaha FZ4 150cc motorcycle , introduces two striking new colors, Cyber Green and Ice Fluo-Vermillion. Priced at Rs 1.30 lakh, this bike aims to captivate young riders who value style and innovation. With a total of six color options available, Yamaha continues to demonstrate its commitment to meeting the evolving preferences of its customers and maintaining a strong presence in the Indian market. The company's focus on innovation and customer satisfaction ensures that Yamaha remains a top choice for two-wheeler enthusiasts in India.
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