Top Mileage Bikes In 2024

Top Mileage Bikes In 2024: Hero Splendor Plus XTEC To TVS Sport.

Top Mileage Bikes In 2024: Hero To TVS

If you were going to purchase a new motorcycle, what is your top priority in terms of mileage? If so, you've arrived at the ideal location. Let's examine the salient characteristics of India's Top Mileage Bikes In 2024. You may find the ideal motorcycle that meets your needs and budget with the aid of our advice.

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Top Mileage Bikes in 2024: India’s commuter bike industry is characterized by a dynamic environment where established manufacturers have successfully dominated the market and fuel efficiency and dependability are key factors. There are many options on the market to suit a variety of needs and tastes, from those coping with the daily chaos of city traffic to those searching for a reliable motorcycle for short journeys.

Many shoppers prioritize price and mileage when purchasing a bike. Let's have a look at our list of the Top Mileage Bikes In 2024

10 Top mileage bikes in 2024

1. 83.2 kmpl Hero Splendor Plus XTEC 80 kmpl

Hero Splendor Plus XTEC, a feature-rich variant of the well-liked Splendor commuter motorcycle from the domestic two-wheeler manufacturer, has a mileage of 80.00 km/l. The xSens and i3S technologies deserve the credit for this statistic, making it the highest mileage motorcycle in the nation.

Important specifications:

Top 5 Best-Selling Motorcycle

Engine capacity 97.2 cc,

Distance traveled: 80.00 kilometers.

7.9 horsepower of power

Cost: Rs. 79, 911

2. Hero Plus Splendor (80.6 km/l)

The Hero Splendor Plus might be a good alternative for people searching for a commuter bike that gets excellent gas mileage. The bike’s 92.2 cc fuel-efficient engine makes it lightweight and simple to ride. Better fuel efficiency is offered by i3S technology.

Important specifications:

97.2cc engine capacity

Travel distance: 80.6 kilometers.

7.91 horsepower of power

Cost: Rs. 75, 141 and up

3. Platina Bajaj 100 (75 km/l)

The elegant Bajaj Platina 100 is an entry-level commuter car with a fuel-efficient engine that is made to provide everyday commuters with the highest level of comfort. New visuals have been added to the Bajaj Platina. The affordable bike costs Rs 61,617 (ex-showroom).
Top Mileage Bikes In 2024

Important specifications:

102cc engine capacity

Distance traveled: 75 km/l

7.79 horsepower of power

Cost: 61, 617 rupees

4. TVS Sport at 70 km/h

One other excellent choice for the top mileage bikes in India in 2024 is the TVS Sport. Brand-new visuals have been added to the TVS Sport. The TVS Sport is, as its name implies, a sportier Star City Plus avatar. This bike has a premium look because to its elegant body panels that encircle a fuel-efficient engine.

Important specifications:

Engine displacement: 109 cc

Travel distance: 70 km/l

8.18 horsepower of power

Cost: INR 59, 431 and above

5. Platina Bajaj 110 (70 km/l)

Delivering good mileage is a hallmark of the Platina 110 H-Gear. As it gains a fifth cog, it steps up its game. The motorcycle is nonetheless nimble and can maneuver through city traffic with ease. It provides a longer seat, long-travel suspension, and a redesigned instrument cluster for long-distance travelers.
Top Mileage Bikes In 2024

Important specifications:

Engine displacement: 115.45 cm³

Travel distance: 70 km/l

8.49 horsepower of power

Cost: Rs. 70, 400 and above

6. CT 110X Bajaj (70 kmpl)

Another bike from the domestic two-wheeler manufacturer that makes the list of the greatest mileage bikes in India for 2024 is the Bajaj CT 110X. Sporty graphics and a baggage rack on the pillion grab rail are added to the motorcycle.

Important specifications:

Engine displacement: 115.45 cm³

Travel distance: 70 km/l

8.48 horsepower of power

Cost: INR 69, 216

7. Hero HF Deluxe, with 70 km/l

Constructed with fuel efficiency in mind, the Hero HF Deluxe is a useful motorcycle for everyday commuting. It has an elongated seat that makes riding comfortable, a strong braking system for control, and adjustable suspension for a comfortable ride. Hero’s xSENS and i3S technologies further improve fuel efficiency, making it one of the most mileage-efficient motorcycles in India

Important specifications:

97.2cc engine capacity

Travel distance: 70 km/l

7.91 horsepower of power

Cost: starting at Rs 59,998.8 TVS Radeon (69.3 kmpl)

8. TVS Radeon (69.3 kmpl)

Fuel efficiency is the top priority for the TVS Radeon, a robust motorcycle. Alloy wheels, stylish graphics, and a digital instrument cluster with a real-time mileage display are included. A comfortable seat is long and wide. Larger 18-inch wheels, a USB charger, and a pillion grab rail with a rack are additional components.
Top Mileage Bikes In 2024

Important specifications:

109.7cc engine capacity

Travel distance: 69.3 kilometers.

8.08 horsepower of power

Price: starting at Rs 62,405

9. TVS Raider (67 km/h)

TVS Raider dispels the myth that motorcycles intended for commuting or mileage-focused riding are inherently boring. It has a sporty appearance and sophisticated characteristics. Disc brakes, a strong LED headlamp, a split seat, a comfortable riding position, and more are among the features.

Important specifications:

124.8cc engine capacity

Travel distance: 67 km/l

11.2 horsepower of power

Cost: Rs 95, 219 and above

10. TVS Star City Plus (66.34 km/l)

One of India’s most fashionable entry-level commuter bikes is the TVS Star City Plus. It has adjustable rear suspension, USB mobile charging, stylish muffler, LED headlamp, dual-tone mirrors, and more.

Important specifications:

110 cc engine capacity

Travel distance: 66.34 kilometers

8.08 horsepower of power

Cost: Rs 78, 770 and above


In conclusion, top mileage bikes in 2024 offer a range of options catering to diverse needs and preferences, with fuel efficiency being a primary concern for many consumers. From the Hero Splendor Plus XTEC to the TVS Sport, these bikes provide excellent mileage along with other noteworthy features.

For someone, who is likely looking for a reliable commuter bike with great fuel efficiency, the Hero Splendor Plus XTEC stands out with its impressive mileage of 80.00 km/l, along with features like xSens and i3S technologies. However, there are several other options worth considering, such as the Hero Splendor Plus, Bajaj Platina 100, and TVS Sport, each offering competitive mileage and various additional features to suit individual preferences.

Ultimately, the choice of which bike to purchase would depend on factors such as budget, desired features, and personal preferences in terms of design and brand. With the variety of options available in the market, Themdakbar can find the ideal motorcycle that meets his needs for both mileage and overall performance.
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