Vida V1 Plus hero electric e scooter

Vida V1 Plus Hero Electric E Scooter: Redefining Urban Mobility with Style and Performance.

Vida V1 Plus Hero Electric E Scooter

There's an electric scooter revolution coming, and one of the best options to put in your garage is the Vida V1 Plus Hero Electric E Scooter. Hero MotoCorp's feature-rich scooter is a fascinating option for urban commuters, offering a captivating combination of thrilling performance, remarkable range, and a hint of refinement. Let's investigate the features of the Vida V1 Plus in more detail.

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In another word if you are searching for a chic, eco-friendly, and intelligent vehicle to handle your everyday commute across the city? Vida V1 Plus hero electric e scooter is the only option! Hero MotoCorp, the premier two-wheeler manufacturer in India, is back with this ground-breaking product that promises a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, outstanding performance, and a contemporary design that makes it stand out from the competition.

An Eye-Catching Design with Commonplace Usability.

Forget about most electric scooters' hefty, practical appearance. Everywhere you go, the Vida V1 Plus Hero Electri E scooter draws attention thanks to its svelte, futuristic appearance. A little windscreen protects you from wind and small debris while keeping a sleek appearance, adding a little bit of usefulness.

A 7-inch touchscreen instrument display located on the handlebar dominates the front, providing you with instant access to all the information you require, including speed, battery life, and navigation (if equipped). Excellent visibility is guaranteed by the high-quality LED headlamps and taillights on both day and night rides, and there is plenty of room in the boot to store your belongings. With the three vibrant color options available for the V1 Plus—Mat Abrax Orange, Mat Sports Red, and Mat Pearl White—you can show off your individual flair while driving.

Strength, Efficiency, and Length: An Optimal Pair.

There's more to the Vida V1 Plus than meets the eye. With a powerful 3.44 kWh lithium-ion battery that provides an amazing 143 km of certified range (according to Indian Driving Cycle), it is a powerful device. This means that even if your office is located outside of the city, you can commute worry-free. Furthermore, you can easily charge it at home or at a charging station thanks to the detachable battery.

A permanent magnet synchronous motor with a peak power of 6 kW is releasing the electricity. This translates into exhilarating acceleration, with 3.4 seconds to go from 0 to 40 kmph. Additionally, the top speed of 80 kmph guarantees that you can comfortably keep up with city traffic.

Created Keeping Your Pocketbook in Mind

Vida has made a name for itself as a company that values price over quality. With a competitive price tag of ₹ 1.15 lakh (ex-showroom), Vida V1 Plus Hero Electric E scooter carries on this history. This makes it a desirable choice for cost-conscious city riders looking for an elegant and feature-rich electric scooter.
Vida V1 Plus hero electric e scooter

Going Above and Beyond: Examining Extra Features (Optional)

Here's a look at a few more features that the Vida V1 Plus may offer (details not yet officially confirmed):

Connectivity suite: Use technologies like Bluetooth to stay in touch with the outside world. You may couple your phone with the scooter to receive calls, listen to music, and use navigation if necessary.

Safety features: Reverse parking and the anti-lock braking system (ABS) may improve rider safety.

Integration of mobile apps: Features like service scheduling, ride statistics, and remote battery monitoring could be offered by a separate mobile app.
Vida V1 Plus hero electric e scooter
Credit: Bikedekho

Who Should Use the Vida V1 Plus Hero Electric E Scooter?

Vida V1 Plus is designed for contemporary urban riders who want an eco-friendly, feature-rich, and fashionable way to get around. Its remarkable range makes it appropriate for everyday commuting, and its lively performance guarantees an enjoyable and captivating ride.


A standout choice in the constantly changing electric scooter industry is the Vida V1 Plus. It provides a winning combination for the urban commuter with its modern design, outstanding performance, and affordable pricing. Vida V1 Plus Hero Electric E Scooter is an electric scooter that combines style, functionality, and a dash of excitement.
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Q: What is the power consumption of the hero Vida V1?

Ans: With a 6.kW motor and a 3.44kWh detachable battery pack, the Hero Vida V1 Plus is said to have an Indian Driving Cycle (IDC) range of 143 km. The V1 Pro boasts an outstanding 165km IDC range and a slightly larger 3.94kWh detachable battery pack.

Q: What kind of battery is included with the Vida V1?

Ans: Li-ion battery type 3.94 kWh battery capacity; 3 years or 30,000 kilometers of battery warranty; swappable battery: yes

Q: What is the Vida Motors warranty?

Ans: A five-year total warranty or fifty thousand kilometers, whichever comes first, is included with the Vida.

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