Pulsar 220F 2023

Pulsar 220F (2023) Redefining Performance and Style


Bajaj's Pulsar legacyas the company proudly unveils the highly anticipated Pulsar 220F E20.

Building upon the success of its predecessors, this latest edition redefines the standards of sporty motorcycles, blending cutting-edge technology with a timeless design. With its outstanding performance, modern features, and eye-catching aesthetics, the Pulsar 220F (2023) aims to captivate riders and enthusiasts alike.

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The Pulsar 220F (2023) boasts a striking and aerodynamic design that commands attention on the road. Its sleek bodywork, sharp lines, and edgy graphics exude an aggressive yet refined demeanor. LED lighting systems, both at the front and rear, enhance visibility while adding a touch of modernity to the bike's aesthetics.

Powerful Engine and Performance:

At the heart of the Pulsar 220F (2023) lies a high-performance engine, Best-in-class performance with 15 kW (20.4 PS) Power, 18.55 Nm Torque, Constant mesh 5 speed. Twin Spark FI DTS-i Engine 220 cc meticulously tuned for power and efficiency. With enhanced fuel injection technology and advanced engine management systems, this motorcycle delivers seamless power delivery and improved fuel economy. Riders can expect a thrilling experience with ample torque at all RPM ranges, making it equally suited for city commutes and spirited highway rides.

Technology and Connectivity:

Embracing the digital era, the Pulsar 220F (2023) integrates advanced technology features for a more connected riding experience. A semi digital instrument cluster displays all essential information, including speed, RPM, fuel levels, trip data, and more. No smartphone connectivity.

Safety Features:

Bajaj prioritizes safety, and the Pulsar 220F (2023) is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features. An advanced Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) ensures precise and controlled braking, reducing the risk of skidding during sudden stops. Front 280 mm Disc & rear 230 mm Disc. Additionally, the bike's chassis and suspension are engineered for stability and agility, providing confidence-inspiring handling.

Comfort and Ergonomics:

Acknowledging the importance of rider comfort, the Pulsar 220F (2023) offers an ergonomic design for extended journeys. A well-padded seat, thoughtfully positioned footpegs, and split handlebars promote a relaxed riding posture having Front 90/90 - 17 Tubeless & rear 120/80 - 17 Tubeless, Front suspension Telescopic, with anti-friction bush & in rear 5 way adjustable, Nitrox shock absorber. These features make the bike suitable for both daily commutes and longer trips, with 15 L tank keeping the rider fresh and energized throughout the ride.


Bajaj understands that every rider has unique preferences. To cater to diverse tastes, the Pulsar 220F (2023) comes with various customization options. Riders can choose from a range of colors and accessories to personalize their bike, adding a touch of individuality to their riding experience.
The launch of the Pulsar 220F in 2023 signifies Bajaj's commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and style in the world of sporty motorcycles. With its dynamic design, powerful engine, advanced technology, and emphasis on rider comfort and safety, the Pulsar 220F (2023) is set to capture the hearts of enthusiasts and become a trailblazer in the competitive two-wheeler market. Whether navigating city streets or conquering open highways, the Pulsar 220F (2023) promises an exhilarating and unforgettable ride for every passionate rider.


  • Digital meter not up to date
  • No dual channel ABS
  • Halogen head light setup No LED
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