Royal Enfield Bullet 350

The All-New Royal Enfield Bullet 350: A Ride Fit for Royalty

Explore the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 - a blend of history and innovation. Discover its features, compare models, and find pricing details.

Royal Enfield, a name synonymous with timeless class and performance, has yet again enthralled motorcycle enthusiasts with its latest masterpiece – the Royal Enfield Bullet 350. In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the world of this iconic bike, exploring its rich heritage, specifications, features, and much more.

The brand-new Bullet 350 from Royal Enfield has been introduced to the Indian market as the company's second most affordable motorcycle. It costs Rs. 1.74 lakh (ex-showroom), which is roughly Rs. 19,000 less than the Classic 350 but Rs. 24,000 more than the Hunter 350, which is the most reasonably priced Royal Enfield model available in India.
Royal Enfield Bullet 350

New design for the Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Royal Enfield endeavored to maintain the iconic design of the new Bullet 350 while making very minor design alterations. The tank's design has been altered somewhat, the fender is a little longer, and the seat has also seen some changes. The handlebar now has a more upright appearance. Although the tail lamp is still the same as the Classic 350, the housing has undergone several changes. Apart from that, everything else has remained the same, bringing back the attractive design that fans of the Bullet adore.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 new Engine,

The 349cc single-cylinder engine powering the new bike is also found in existing RE models like the Classic 350, Hunter 350, and Meteor 350. The engine produces a peak torque of 27Nm at 4,000 rpm and a top power of 20.2bhp at 6,100 rpm when it is connected to a five-speed gearbox.

The base model sports a single-channel ABS and a rear drum braking unit. The motorbike has twin rear shocks, a 300 mm front brake, and a 270 mm rear disc brake in addition to telescopic front forks. A new chassis is also included with the bike.

Features of the brand-new Royal Enfield Bullet 350.

On the feature front, the 2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 takes a very straightforward approach. It includes bulb illumination throughout and a semi-digital instrument cluster. The bike has a digital inset for the trip meter, fuel level readout, and other functions.

New Colors for the Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Five additional colors will be offered for the new model. Additionally, some trims will have an elegant blacked-out engine finish. The unique hand-painted gold stripes on the engine will still be there in the new model, much to the pleasure of the devoted enthusiasts. Additionally, it has been rumored that customers would be able to add alloy wheels and the Tripper navigation pod to their new motorcycles.

Reservations and Deliveries for the New Royal Enfield Bullet 350

New Royal Enfield Bullet 350 can now be officially reserved, and deliveries will commence on September 3, 2023, on Sunday.

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