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Apple is known for providing the greatest software support in the smartphone industry, yet when iOS 16 was released in 2022, it was only for devices made in 2017 and beyond; the iPhone 7 and iPhone SE from 2016 were left out. That's better than the majority of Android manufacturers, which only provide OS updates every four years at best.

With its fifth-generation phone, Dutch startup Fairphone made a splash. By utilizing an industrial Qualcomm chip, it can guarantee service for 8 years (with the possibility to extend that to 10 years). In addition to “at least” 5 OS upgrades from the Android 13 that the phone receives at the factory, this refers to security patches.

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Fairphone 5 sustainability

The Fairphone 5 is capable of lasting an extremely long time. To begin with, the organization gives a 5-year warranty as opposed to the industry-standard 2-year warranty. Of course, the repairable nature of Fairphone's phones is what made them famous. An untrained user can replace each of the 10 modules in the model 5 independently with simply a Phillips head screwdriver and a prying tool.
Fairphone 5

Environmentally friendly

The "Fair" in "Fairphone" refers to how the company acquires its parts and materials as well as how its phones are constructed; this year's model is made with 70% fair and recycled materials, and factory workers are paid a decent wage.


Best phone ever, then? Let's start by looking at the specifications. Costing €700/£650 as opposed to the Fairphone 4's €580/£500 is an increase. You can easily purchase an 8 Gen 2 in this pricing range, and the Qualcomm QCM 6490 is only roughly similar to a Snapdragon 778G.

Fairphone 5 specs

On the bright side, this year Fairphone upgraded from a 60Hz IPS LCD, 6.3" 1,080 x 2,340px, to a 90Hz OLED display with a higher resolution, 6.46" 1,224 x 2,700px. There is no headphone jack, but the phone now features stereo speakers as well.

Three 50MP cameras are also included on the phone: a main module (1/1.56", 1.0 mm) with OIS, an ultra wide (0.7 mm), and a selfie camera (0.74 mm). All three are capable of recording 4K video at 30 frames per second. Also, this is the company's first punch hole camera, thus note the absence of a notch.

The lowest (really sole) configuration now has additional RAM and memory (8/256GB vs. 6/128GB), partially offsetting the price increase. Additionally, there is a larger 4,200mAh battery that charges more quickly (30W vs. 3,905mAh/20W), reaching 50% in 20 minutes as opposed to 30. Additionally, the IP54 to IP55 water resistance rating was increased.


Overall, this is a good mid-ranger, and even if it is more expensive than a mid-ranger, that expense will eventually be recovered. Even if an Android mid-ranger survives for 4-5 years, that's just as long as the Fairphone 5's warranty, never mind its actual lifespan. A modern Android mid-ranger might stop receiving support after only 2-3 years.

The Fairphone 5 has no direct rivals, yet the future is promising. Apple just announced support for Right To Repair legislation, making a complete 180o. Samsung has been extending its own Self Service Repair program, much like rival Cupertino. Additionally, the EU might compel manufacturers to develop batteries that are simpler to replace. But that will happen in the future; the Fairphone is now available and excels at self-repair to the exclusion of all competitors.

When we check the company's web store, we see that the initial expected delivery date of September 14 has been changed to September 20–25. This shows that there is a market for this gadget. Since Fairphones are specialized products that sell in the tens of thousands rather than the tens of millions like iPhones and Galaxys, there is still a modest amount of demand for them.

Perhaps it's time for a change; do you believe the business is headed in the right direction, and will you purchase a Fairphone 5?

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