(Layoffs) Looking for a Job while companies are firing

Firing (Layoffs) month-wise

Many IT companies laid off their employees till April 2023 With employees suddenly logged out (Layoffs)of their workstations, it came as a shock to almost all of them.

January: 84,714 employees laid off
February: 36,491 employees laid off
March: 37,109 employees laid off
April: 17,926 employees were laid off

Companies who are fired(Layoffs)
Nuro, LinkedIn, Rapid, Meesho, Shopify, Bishop, Bishop Fox, Clubhouse, Dropbox, Amazon, Rapid, Anthemis Group, Lyft, Meta, Apple, Netflix, Netflix, Shift Technologies, Lucid, GitHub, Disney, Salesforce, Accenture, indeed, Roof stock, Twitch, Microsoft, Twitter, Zoom, Dell, Google and many more.

What Corporates think.

Now it must have been understood from all these data that how long the job will remain in the company, is not confirmed. Especially the condition of the tech company is not good. Here we will share some ideas on how to search for a job in this time of recession.
Talking about mechanical, civil and electrical, the condition of all these branches is also very bad for many years. They didn't get new jobs on payroll and those who have got jobs in the market, have got contractual jobs, along with they get so little salary that they are not able to fulfill their basic needs completely.

When you will work in the company, Corporate will call you "our family". And if they have to fire from the job, then "our family's" terminology ends there.

The truth is that for corporate people, your work matters and not you. Corporate people see humans, not humanity.
That is why there is a statement by former President A.P.J Abdul Kalam sir. Never love your employer, love your work.
Let's see from an example what the people of the company come out saying.
While Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google did try to douse the fire by saying in his memo, “We hired for a different economic reality than the one we face today,” it didn’t make too much of a difference for employees who were fired, as they were left jobless.

Many LinkedIn users have expressed shock at the suddenness of layoffs and are now searching for new employment opportunities. This uncertainty is prevalent in our world, with companies such as Amazon, Twitter, and Zoom also warning of potential layoffs. Even your current employer may do the same or ask employees to leave in the near future.

In response, employees are working harder than ever before and investing in online courses to develop new skills. However, focusing on a particular career direction may be a more effective strategy. As a result, here are some roles expected to be in high demand over the next few months.


Skills you need to get a job

The technology industry is witnessing significant trends, particularly around data science and AI/ML. According to Karunya Sampath, Co-Founder and CEO of Payoda, these skills are in high demand and dominate the industry, with most startups seeking candidates with expertise in Cloud Technologies such as AWS/Azure/GWP.
In India, job prospects are influenced by several factors, including education, skills, experience, and industry demand. For blue-collar roles, Delivery executives, Drivers, Electricians, Plumbers, Housekeeping and cleaning staff, Security guards, and Construction workers will be highly sought-after. White-collar jobs such as Software developers and engineers, Data scientists and analysts, Digital marketing professionals, HR specialists, financial analysts, accountants, and healthcare professionals will also be in high demand.
Furthermore, Gray-collared jobs like Customer service representatives, Sales representatives, Logistics and supply chain professionals are expected to experience growth due to the increasing popularity of e-commerce in India. Administrative assistants, Quality control inspectors, and technical support specialists will also be in demand to support the growth of various sectors.
It is crucial to remember that job prospects are subject to economic, social, and technological changes. Therefore, it is necessary to keep up with industry trends and developments to identify new job opportunities.
The service sector in India will be primarily driven by all three types of collared jobs - blue, white, and grey. According to the specific needs of the different sectors within the service industry, various types of jobs may be in high demand. These sectors include IT and software services, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and financial services.


IT and software services will continue to be a significant contributor to the service industry, with Java/.NET Full stack (React/Angular) skills being in high demand in the next year. As per Karunya Sampath, Co-Founder, and CEO of Payoda Technologies, there will be a shortage of front-end / full-stack skills because of the saturation of back-end technologies.

The hospitality and tourism industry is also expanding, and both blue-collar positions like cooks, housekeepers, and security guards, as well as white-collar positions like hotel managers and marketing specialists, will be crucial to its growth. The financial services sector will continue to require white-collar employees, including investment bankers, accountants, and financial analysts.

To succeed in finding jobs or promotions, employees must stay ahead of industry trends and developments by upgrading their skills and knowledge. By doing so, they can increase their chances of success in getting hired or seeking promotions in their respective companies and you prevent yourself from layoff. Success can only be achieved by those who use trends to their advantage and climb their way up the ladder.

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