TVS Ronin

Best Budget-Friendly Touring Bike TVS Ronin 2024

Touring Bike TVS Ronin 2024

The TVS has launched a motorcycle that’s a mix of retro, cruiser, and roadster genres TVS Ronin touring bike 2024

The bike's name is TVS Ronin. The bike is in three variants.
The price may be vary depending on you location.
Single tone single channel Ex-showroom price 149000
Dual tone single channel Ex-showroom price 156500
Triple tone dual channel Ex-showroom price 168500

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TVS Ronin SS, TVS Ronin 2024
TVS Ronin DS
TVS Ronin TS

Engineered for Endurance: A Powerplant Built to Take You Far

Ronin is powered by a 225.9 ccbs6 engine which develops a power of 20.4 PS and a torque of 19.93 Nm. That's plenty of for you to scale up a hill or pull out in front of that show-off sports bike. And its oil cooling.
system with an oversized radiator to make it cool.
It comes with an antique all-LED headlight & Matte finished black exhaust, company offers an all-LED pilot, turn signal & turn indicator, etc. It is the first in a segment that offered 9 alloys.
The instrument cluster looks very simply, but it is full of information.

TVS Ronin 2024,
Budget-Conscious Tourers: Riders looking for a motorcycle that won’t break the bank but still possesses the capabilities for adventure.

New Touring Enthusiasts: Perfect for first-time tourers who want a manageable and versatile motorcycle to explore the world on two wheels.
The heart of any touring motorcycle is its engine. The TVS Ronin comes equipped with a 225.9cc single-cylinder oil-cooled engine. Don’t let the cubic capacity fool you. This engine is tuned for rideability, with a focus on low-end torque. This translates to a smooth, relaxed power delivery that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed on long stretches of highway. You can expect good fuel efficiency as well, a crucial factor for keeping your touring costs in check.

Built to Explore: Geared Up for Adventure

TVS Ronin isn't just at home on smooth tarmac. Its ground clearance and suspension setup can handle a fair share of off-road excursions. Whether you're taking a detour on a gravel path or navigating uneven terrain to reach that hidden campsite, the Ronin can handle it.

Adventure-Ready Features: Equipped for the Journey

TVS Ronin comes equipped with features that enhance its touring capabilities. Here are some key highlights:

SmartXonnect: This smartphone connectivity app provides turn-by-turn navigation, call and SMS alerts, and allows you to track your rides. A valuable tool for staying connected and informed on the road.

Dual-Channel ABS: Provides superior braking performance in all conditions, especially important for those unexpected situations you might encounter while touring.

Utility Rack: A standard-fitment utility rack allows you to easily mount luggage and other touring essentials.

Split Seat Option: While the standard seat prioritizes rider comfort, a pillion seat option lets you share the touring experience with a companion.

Comfort is Key: Designed for Long Hauls

A USB port is offered with an Adjustable lever to ensure optimum grip on the clutch and front brake.
Kerb weight is only 160kg with a 14L fuel tank capacity which make easy to any type of rider at any road condition, where Seat height 795mm,ground clearance is 181mm which is very good for off roading,
Talking about front suspension 41mm USD in front and mono shock with 7 adjustable in rear.
Tyre size & Type
110/70-17 front
130/70-17 rear
It has 5 gear with Assist & Slipper clutch. Fuel efficiency will be around 30- 35 KMPL.

TVS Ronin 2024
Touring isn’t just about the destination; it’s about the journey. And a comfortable riding experience is paramount for that journey to be enjoyable. The Ronin’s ergonomics are designed with long rides in mind. The upright riding posture reduces strain on your back and shoulders, while the well-cushioned single seat provides ample support. The sculpted fuel tank allows for a comfortable knee tuck, further enhancing control and stability.

Beyond the Specs: TVS Ronin's Touring Strengths

While specifications are important, there are other factors that make the Ronin a great touring motorcycle. Here's what truly sets it apart:

Budget-Friendly: Compared to traditional touring motorcycles, the Ronin offers significant cost savings in terms of purchase price, maintenance, and fuel efficiency. This allows you to allocate more resources towards your actual touring adventures.

Lightweight and Agile: TVS Ronin's manageable weight and nimble handling make it easy to navigate through traffic, tight corners, and challenging terrain. This is a big advantage, especially when exploring unfamiliar roads.

Modern Appeal: The Ronin's neo-retro design blends classic aesthetics with modern functionality. It's a motorcycle that stands out from the crowd, making your touring experience even more unique.

Conclusion: TVS Ronin is an excellent choice for touring Bike 2024.

TVS Ronin is a game-changer for budget-minded touring touring Bike 2024 enthusiasts. It offers a compelling combination of comfort, capability, and affordability. While it might not be ideal for hardcore long-distance rides with a pillion, its lightweight handling, impressive fuel efficiency, and adventure-ready features make it a fantastic choice for exploring on two wheels. So, if you're looking for a motorcycle that won't break the bank but can take you on unforgettable journeys, TVS Ronin deserves a serious look.
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