Free Best Antivirus for Windows 11 2024

Best Antivirus for Windows 11 2024: Do You Really Need Third-Party Antivirus Software?

Free Best Antivirus for Windows 11 2024| Best Antivirus for Laptop | Antivirus

We are going to discuss the Free Best Antivirus for Windows 11 2024. We will cover which antivirus was the best in 2023, which one you should install in 2024, and which one you should use. This article will address these topics because many of you use laptops and desktops and may be confused about which antivirus to use and which one will be better. Whether you work on specific tasks, work online, or work in the market, this article will help you determine which antivirus is right for you.

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Choosing the Best Antivirus: Insights from a Decade of Experience

There are many antivirus programs available in the market that are selling rapidly, such as Norton, McAfee, and Avast. Many such antivirus programs are sold online and are also available as CDs in the market, which people use to keep their systems (PCs) safe. Here, we will discuss which antivirus could be the best. I can share my opinion because I have been using these programs and have around 10 to 11 years of experience in this field. Based on my experience of using many different antivirus programs, I can tell you which antivirus might be the best today. Feel free to share this information with your friends.

Why We Don't Use Antivirus Software on Our Windows 11 PCs

Let's now talk about which antivirus I use. Your first question might be, which one do I use, or which one is used on our computer. I want to tell you openly that ever since Windows 10 came out, and currently, we are using Windows 11, we have not installed any Free Best Antivirus for Windows 11 2024 on our PCs. We use two computers, and since we started using Windows, we haven't installed any antivirus.
So, what does this mean? Does it mean we don’t do risky work? Do we not work online? We do YouTube work; you can understand how important our PCs and channels can be. We do all kinds of work, including video editing, overall every type of work. But until today, we have not used any antivirus on our PCs with Windows 11. So, why is that? Is it because we don’t have the money to buy antivirus, or because we don’t do any risky work, or because we don’t do any sensitive work on our PCs?

Rethinking Antivirus: Harnessing Built-In Protection for PC Security

You can understand how sensitive our PCs are. Has our PC ever been hacked? Has any file ever been stolen by an antivirus or deleted? Nothing has ever happened, and we have never used antivirus, nor do we plan to use it in the future. The need for antivirus no longer exists.

So, if there is no need for Antivirus for Windows 11 2024, what should we do since viruses do come from time to time? How is our PC being protected? The point is that Windows itself provides you with antivirus protection, so you don't need a third-party antivirus.
Free Best Antivirus for Windows 11 2024
If we have a house, we know what is kept in which part of the house, and how to secure it. Otherwise, our house will collapse. Can a third party secure our house better than we can? It’s the same with our PCs. It’s completely wrong to think that a third party can provide better security than we can.

Seamless Security: Windows 11's Built-In Antivirus Keeps You Protected

Windows 11, provided by Microsoft, comes with a built-in antivirus that offers excellent protection. Microsoft has ensured that you don't need to do anything extra. Just keep your Windows updated, and any virus that comes along won’t be able to infect your files. Simply keeping your system updated ensures that Windows Defender, which is very powerful, will protect your PC.

Additionally, if you ever feel that your PC has been infected by a virus—perhaps because you used someone else’s pen drive, hard drive, or memory card—you should know that Windows Defender will still provide robust protection. Just make sure to keep everything updated.

Removing Viruses with Microsoft's Built-in Free Best Antivirus for Windows 11 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide

How do we remove a virus? Microsoft has already provided an antivirus for this. Here's what you need to do: let's go to the desktop, and I'll show you what to do. You can scan your system yourself. There's absolutely no need for any third-party antivirus.
To remove a virus, you can use the built-in tool provided by Microsoft. Here’s how you do it:

1. On your PC, press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the Run command.

2. In the Run dialog box, type MRT and press Enter, then click OK.

3. This will open the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. This tool is the antivirus that will thoroughly scan your PC to find and eliminate viruses.

4. Once the window opens, press Next.

5. You will see options for Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan. Select the type of scan you want to perform, click on it, and then press Next.

6. The tool will start scanning your PC. There is no need to waste money on third-party antivirus software, which may not provide as much protection as this built-in Microsoft tool. Using this tool ensures your PC’s safety without any additional cost.

Free Best Antivirus for Windows 11 2024
Free Best Antivirus for Windows 11 2024
Free Best Antivirus for Windows 11 2024


In conclusion, the necessity of third-party antivirus software for Windows 11 in 2024 is questionable. With Microsoft's Free Best Antivirus for Windows 11 2024 Windows Defender providing robust, built-in protection, users can keep their systems secure by simply keeping their Windows updated. The comprehensive protection offered by Windows Defender, combined with regular updates, ensures that additional third-party antivirus software may not be necessary. This approach saves users from extra costs and the potential issues associated with third-party solutions. By leveraging Windows Defender and built-in tools like the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, users can confidently maintain the security and integrity of their PCs.
So, I believe I’ve given you all the information. I hope you gain some information’s. If you did, don’t forget to like and share it. Stay tuned to our blog for regular updates and insights.

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Q: Do I need anti-virus in 2024?

Ans: In general, antivirus software is still probably necessary, however the necessity varies depending on the device. iPhones are the only operating system on which installing antivirus software is completely unnecessary. Nevertheless, antivirus software is still required for Windows, macOS, and Android.

Q: What antivirus to use in 2024?

Ans: Public likes Norton more but if you agree with me then use Windows Defender.

Q: Is Microsoft Defender free?

Ans: Microsoft Defender Antivirus is a free programme that comes with Windows that is always active and guards your computer from infection. Sometimes, scammers and hackers will fool you into installing malware or viruses on your computer by pretending to be antimalware software.

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