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Apple iPhone 15: -The best and the worst of Apple

Apple iPhone 15 Launched event

So last night there was an Apple event in which there were some good things in the launch of their new Apple iPhone 15 series and on some things,

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Start with design.

First start with the design. In each model of the Apple iPhone 15 series, Apple has tweaked the back so that the in-hand field of the phone will be better because Apple has changed it.

We will see how much better it is to experience in hand and now Apple has made the frame of Pro models out of titanium. But when this titanium leak came, I had a fear that now that titanium is being used, the phone will not be a big heat because titanium is like this. It heats a little higher and Apple doesn't even use this cooling system. So, to solve this problem, Apple has mixed aluminum with titanium, so that the hit decision can be proper. Rest of the advantages of titanium body are there, durability is increasing, the phone is becoming lighter.

Apple iPhone 15

Repair and cost

Now there will be no finger print magnet on the frame and now you can get the Pro Series bag glass repaired very easily. There won't be a huge hole in your pocket. This is the best thing because Apple repairman will not lose to anyone's house.
Apple iPhone 15
Credit: Iphone

dynamic gesture

And this time you will get the dynamic gesture across the entire Apple iPhone 15 family because visually it is a very good change because enough of the notch. But from what I have heard from the users of 14 Pro, they did not like the dynamic gesture so much because not many apps supported it and now that it has come in the entire family, the app developers will be forced to do so. That they should include their apps with it, otherwise their apps will look outdated. So, this year I hope more users will like it.
Apple iPhone 15

Mute Switch Button

Now Apple has removed the mute switch from the frame of the Pro series and replaced it with a customizable button, which is a very good move. Some people will sit and cry, 'Hey, I am this, leave them,' now because this is a customizable button, we can assign many tasks to it too, which according to me will be a better use of this button and Apple has associated this button with Shortcut App. Has also been added. I am sure that this button can also be copied because it is a useful thing, it comes already in some phones but after coming in iPhones, that thing becomes a benchmark.
Apple iPhone 15
Credit: Iphone


Now let's talk about displays. First of all, non-Pro models can achieve peak brightness of sub-2000. This is very well done. He high-light it, Apple also mentioned something about screen brightness. So, I thought it would be that time. Well, it is worth thinking about, where is maximum brightness mostly required outdoors? But after 5-10 minutes of going out in the Indian sun, iPhone brightness drops and this same problem is with Galaxy S 23 Ultra too, so do not pay too much attention to this peak brightness number and this time also in non pro models Apple is offering 60 Hertz displays and if I am right then I will not call Apple wrong. I would say wrong to those customers whom Apple has now trained that it will bring you the same thing every time. And you will happily accept, because the phone sells a lot and that is why they are not changing.

Otherwise, Samsung had given plastic body in Note 20 a few years ago. People had sidelined it as if it was never launched, so now the fault here is as much of Apple's as it is of the fans who justify it by saying that iPhone's 60Hz is equal to Android's 90Hz.

Shutdown But one thing for which credit has to be given to Apple, Apple iPhone 15 has reduced the bezels in 15 Pro series and perhaps these are the smallest bezels in the industry. Maybe I'm saying this because where is Apple's lowest in the iPhone comparison?

Whether it is the lowest in the industry or not will be known only when the products are launched. And if these bezels turn out to be less than Samsung's then Samsung should die by drowning because even after having the best display, the bezels of your competitors are smaller than yours. In the name of Innovation, next year you will see these bezels and action buttons which are the features of Pro series. Yes, how will Apple boast by putting these in non-pro?

Performance and Chipset

Now let's look at the performance, there is not much to tell in this because everyone knew that the Pro model will have A17 Pro Bionic Chipset. And the non-Pro will have A17 Bionic Chipset. Last year's 14 Pro will be A16 Bionic, but Apple has named A17 Bionic. Changed it to A17 Pro. Apple being Apple, next time they will call this Chipset A17 and put it in iPhone 16.

And this A 17 has 6 Core CPU Apple claims that these GPUs are now 20 times faster and now also support hardware level rate racing and this is something new as it will make the graphics look much better.

And this Chipset has many advanced features that can revolutionize smartphone gaming, like console games will run on your phone and there is a lot of knowledge that Apple gave on the stage but it is very complicated so it will be given a little more. Let it be. Now the basic thing is that no amount of time will be able to tell the difference in the performance of A16 and A17. 95% users for both Chipset are exactly same, the main difference will be in battery life and look at Apple's chips like this. Don't respect their performance every year, just battery life will improve and the camera will get better as the processing power increases.



Now let us talk about the thing which is updated in actual every year. Cameras in Apple iPhone 15 and Apple iPhone 15 Plus have a 48-megapixel camera whose aperture is also f1.6. So, it's not bad at all. Due to this change, details in the pictures will increase and since the sensor is bigger, the overall camera quality will also increase. No matter what the light condition is, the photos should come out better according to that and by dividing these 48 megapixels, these people will also use it for photos like they did with the Pro models last year.

But there has been a smart update in the camera software. Apple iPhone 15 series cameras will now take a better selfie. In simple language, this means that in portrait mode you will not have to choose when to take portrait photos. Your phone can also do this work automatically and if you take a photo without portrait mode, then you can later change that photo according to portrait mode.

Along with this, the 48-megapixel camera of Pro series has been given a lot of updates. Now it can shoot with three focal lenses. 24mm, 28 mm and 35 mm and the advanced feature of portrait mode will also work in this and Apple has claimed that the Pro series camera can give two times better night performance. Now it seems a bit excessive to me, but because only the cameramen can tell the number.

Charging Port

Now we come to USB, it is good that the whole family got USB. This is a very good thing but till now we don't know whether you have chargers for your Realme. Will you be able to charge the 15 series or not because as far as it seems, they will only allow certified chargers to be used and even if allowed, the phone will be charged at this speed. Seeing that, we will cry tears of blood. I hope that nothing like this happens, I don't know the rest and in this also Apple has done such a bad thing that they have put USB 3 in Pro models whose speed is up to Gbps and USB 2 in the base model whose speed we don't even talk about. So it would be better if ultimately they have done their dirty work. The base model will have the same transfer speeds as before, and Apple is using 100% recycled copper in the batteries, 100% recycled copper in the covers for belts and bags, and they're also ditching their leather cases.
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