Android 15 2024 Beta 1

Android 15 2024 Beta 1: Discover The New Features and Updates Overview

Android 15 2024 Beta 1: New Features and Updates Overview

Android has launched its first update, the Android 15 2024 Beta 1 version, with some new features. Now it is publicly available on Pixel 6 and onward flagship phones. You can download Android 15 2024 Beta 1 and experience some new features. In this article, I will discuss the new features and problems occurring in Android 15 2024 Beta 1. And in the end, you will be able to decide whether you should download it now or wait for the next beta version.

Let me tell you right now that this is currently an initial update, and only a few features have been included in it. As new features are added, you will get them in new updates, and you will get the final Android 15 2024 update by September. The Android team had started work on this in February itself. But Android 15 2024 Beta 1 was launched to the public in April. Its beta update will also come in May and June. And then after that, they will work for platform stability. By June, you will know all the upcoming features. After working on platform stability in June and July, it will finally be launched in September.

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Android 15 2024 Beta 1
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Android 15 2024 features

Notification Cooldown:

Notification cooldown on Android 15 2024 lowers the volume of repeated notifications from the same app, preventing your phone from buzzing or chiming nonstop for a flurry of messages.

For Example:

Imagine you’re in a group chat that explodes with messages. Normally, your phone would buzz or play a sound for every single message.

With notification cooldown enabled, the volume of those notifications will gradually get quieter after the first one. So, the second message might be a little quieter, the third even quieter, and so on.

This way, you’re still alerted that there are new messages, but it’s not as overwhelming. You can still choose to ignore them if you want, but if something important comes through later, the notification will be louder and grab your attention.

Partial Screen Sharing:

With partial screen sharing, a new feature in Android 15 2024, you can share or record only what’s happening on a specific app window on your phone, instead of broadcasting your entire screen. This offers greater privacy and control in a few ways:

Privacy: Sharing your whole screen might expose sensitive information in other apps or notifications. With partial sharing, you only show the content within the chosen app.

Control: Imagine giving someone instructions on a specific app. Partial sharing lets you focus on that app window, avoiding any distractions or private info from other parts of your screen.
This is useful for:

Troubleshooting: Sharing just the problematic app with tech support can help pinpoint issues.

Creating Tutorials: You can record a specific app window to create focused tutorials without unwanted content appearing.

Maintaining Privacy: During video calls, you can share only the game you’re playing or the music app you’re using, keeping other things confidential.

Universal Toggle for Keyboard Vibration" in Android 15 2024:

One Switch to Rule Them All: This feature introduces a single setting that allows you to control how much your phone vibrates when you type on any keyboard app.
Flexibility: You have two options:

Disable All: With a single tap, you can turn off vibration entirely for all keyboard apps on your phone. No more buzzing with every keystroke.

Granular Control (optional): Even if you enable the universal toggle, you can still access individual settings within each keyboard app to fine-tune the vibration intensity or even disable it for that specific app.
This is particularly helpful for people who:

Find vibration distracting: Typing on a vibrating phone can feel annoying or disrupt your focus.

Want to save battery: Phone vibrations use a small amount of battery, but if you’re looking to squeeze every drop out of your charge, this can help.

Prefer different experiences: You might like vibration on one keyboard app but not another. This toggle gives you that choice.

Sensitive Notifications

Sensitive Notifications” to shield one-time passwords (OTPs) from prying eyes. This keeps those security codes safe from malicious apps that might try to steal them.

Satellite-Based Communication:

With support for satellite connectivity, Android 15 2024 enables applications to make use of APIs that identify when a device is linked to a satellite, resulting in more dependable messaging services in places with spotty network coverage.

Bluetooth Popup Dialog:

No more hunting through menus! This lets you easily manage Bluetooth connections directly from the Quick Settings tile. You can turn it on/off, connect/disconnect devices, pair new ones, and access settings, all in one place.

Auracast Focus:

Sharing audio is getting simpler. Auracast allows you to share your phone’s audio with nearby devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) audio, which is more battery-efficient than regular Bluetooth.

App Archiving:

Free up space without losing data! Similar to iPhone’s app offloading, Android 15 2024 lets you archive apps you don’t use often. This removes the app itself but keeps your data, so you can reinstall it later without losing anything.

New Accessibility Settings:

Android 15 2024 improves accessibility with features like Sticky Keys, Slow Keys, and Bounce Keys. These help people with motor disabilities by making it easier to control button presses and avoid accidental repeats.

Battery Health Percentage:

Now you can see the bigger picture! This feature displays an estimated percentage of your battery’s health, giving you an idea of how much charge it can currently hold compared to when it was new.

New Volume Panel:

Goodbye tiny sliders! The redesigned volume panel has thicker, easier-to-grab sliders that look like pills. It also lets you collapse options you don’t use often and provides quick access to spatial audio and noise controls.

Compatible phones with Android 15 2024 and its release date

Although Android 15 2024 is still under development, a public beta is now accessible. The new Pixel 9 series is anticipated to launch in October of 2024, which is when the official stable release is anticipated.

Regarding compatibility with phones, Android 15 2024 will undoubtedly be released for Google Pixel phones starting with the Pixel 6 (including the Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, etc.). Furthermore, a lot of phone manufacturers usually don’t upgrade their flagship models for a few years after they are released. As a result, Android 15 2024 will eventually be released for current flagship models from companies like Samsung (Galaxy S22 and after), OnePlus, Motorola, and others.

The update policy for different phone brands and models varies by manufacturer, especially for inexpensive phones or older flagships. Usually, the manufacturer’s website has information about when software updates are released for phones.


Android 15 2024 Beta 1 brings a host of new features designed to enhance user experience, privacy, and control. From Notification Cooldown to Universal Toggle for Keyboard Vibration, users can customize their Android 15 2024 experience. Although currently in beta, the final release is expected in September, with updates and improvements scheduled along the way. Compatible with Pixel 6 and onward flagship phones, Android 15 2024 promises an exciting evolution in the Android ecosystem. Whether to download the beta now or wait for the stable release around the Pixel 9 series launch in October 2024 is a decision that users can make based on their preferences and needs. Stay tuned for more updates as Android 15 2024 continues its development journey.

Now let me talk about what you should decide? If you have an Extra Pixel phone, use it as a secondary phone. So you can decide. And it is better if others don’t do it because there are a lot of bugs in it.
So, I believe I’ve given you all the information. I hope you gain some information’s. If you did, don’t forget to like and share it. Stay tuned to our blog for regular updates and insights.

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Q: What are some key features of Android 15 2024 Beta 1?

A: Android 15 2024 Beta 1 introduces features like Notification Cooldown, Partial Screen Sharing, Universal Toggle for Keyboard Vibration, Sensitive Notifications, and more. These enhancements offer improved privacy, control, and efficiency in smartphone usage.

Q: When will Android 15 2024 be officially released?

A: The final Android 15 2024 update is expected to launch in September. Before that, beta updates are scheduled for May and June, with platform stability work in progress during June and July.

Q: Which phones are compatible with Android 15 2024?

A: Android 15 2024 Beta 1 is currently available for Pixel 6 and newer flagship phones. The official stable release is anticipated around the launch of the Pixel 9 series in October 2024. Additionally, Android 15 2024 is expected to be released for phones from manufacturers like Samsung (Galaxy S22 and later), OnePlus, Motorola, and others.

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