Pulsar 125 2023

Bajaj Pulsar 125 2023 launched with new update

Bajaj Pulsar 125 2023: A Reignited Spark in the 125cc Segment

Indian two-wheeler market is a vibrant ecosystem, constantly buzzing with new launches and upgrades. In this ever-evolving landscape, the Bajaj Pulsar 125 2023 holds a special place. Once the undisputed champion of the 125cc segment, it had been due for a refresh for quite some time. But Bajaj, the Pune-based manufacturer, finally addressed that in 2023 with a relaunch, injecting new life into this popular offering.

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A Legacy of Performance and Affordability

The Pulsar name has long been synonymous with performance and affordability in India. Pulsar 125 BS6, launched in 2007, was a game-changer. It offered a stylish design, peppy performance, and impressive fuel efficiency, all at a competitive price point. This combination quickly propelled it to the top of the sales charts, making it a favorite among budget-conscious riders seeking a motorcycle with a bit more oomph.

However, as the competition intensified, the Pulsar 125 started to show its age. Newer entrants offered features and advancements that the Pulsar lacked. This stagnation impacted sales, and the segment leader began to lose its dominance.

Bajaj Pulsar 125 is the best-selling bike.

Let us know what new features have been updated and what is missing.

Pulsar 125 is the best-selling bike in the 125cc segment in the Indian market, which was not getting any updates for a long time but has just been launched in 2023 with some updates.

Bajaj's decision to relaunch the Pulsar 125 in 2023 was a strategic move. The company recognized the bike's potential and understood that a refresh could reignite its appeal. The relaunched Pulsar 125 might not be a complete overhaul, but the incorporated changes aim to address some key aspects and make it more competitive in the current market.

What's New in the 2023 Pulsar 125?

Bajaj Auto has upgraded its Pulsar 125 motorcycle to comply with the latest BS6 phase 2 requirements.
The manufacturer has replaced the electronic carburetor with a fuel injector to increase the engine's efficiency. The 2023 Bajaj Pulsar 125 now has a FI engine that comes with a single spark plug instead of a twin-spark system.

While the core mechanical underpinnings remain largely unchanged, the 2023 Pulsar 125 boasts some significant aesthetic and functional upgrades. Here’s a closer look:

Sharper Visual Appeal: The most noticeable change is the revised design. The Pulsar 125 now sports a more contemporary look, borrowing design cues from its bigger Pulsar siblings. The muscular fuel tank, stylish headlamp design, and improved switchgear enhance its visual appeal.

Enhanced Features: The new Pulsar 125 gets a semi-digital instrument console, replacing the older fully analogue unit. This console displays vital information like speed, fuel gauge, trip meter, and odometer, offering improved readability.

Safety Focus: The 2023 Pulsar 125 retains the combi-braking system (CBS) but might see the addition of a single-channel ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) in future variants, a welcome safety upgrade for a budget motorcycle.
Pulsar 125 2023

Still a Strong Performer?

The 2023 Pulsar 125 retains the same 124.4cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 11.6 PS of peak power and 11 Nm of torque. While not the most powerful in its class, this engine is known for its reliability and decent fuel efficiency figures, which are crucial factors for many Indian buyers.

The company has made several visual adjustments and introduced new colors and revised graphics for the headlight cowl, fuel tank and shrouds, and rear panel.
The digital display on the 2023 model now shows information about real-time fuel economy and distance-to-empty details.

The motorcycle retains the 124.4cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled motor, but the company is yet to update the product page with new specifications. The hardware remains unaltered, and the braking setup comprises drum units on both wheels on the base model, while the premium versions will get a disc brake at the front and a drum unit at the back.

There are still some drawbacks which are why you wouldn't prefer to get Pulsar 125 2023.

1) Halogen Head Light should be LED.
2) DRL pilot light is missing.
3) USB charging is missing.
4) The meter cable connects to the front wheel only.
5) Metallic chain cover should be of fiber.
6) Weight is too much.
7) Rubber footrest should be aluminum.

The Competition: A Crowded Market

125cc segment in India is fiercely competitive. The Pulsar 125 faces strong challenges from established players like the Honda Shine, Hero Glamour, and TVS Raider. These bikes offer a variety of features, including fuel injection technology and disc brakes on both wheels, which the Pulsar misses. Additionally, new entrants like the Bajaj Pulsar NS125, a sportier sibling launched alongside the 2023 Pulsar 125, might eat into its market share.

Is the 2023 Pulsar 125 the Best Choice?

Whether the 2023 Pulsar 125 is the best choice for you depends on your priorities. If you seek a stylish, reliable, and fuel-efficient 125cc motorcycle at an attractive price point, the Pulsar 125 remains a compelling option. However, if you prioritize features like fuel injection or a disc brake on both wheels, you might want to consider its competitors.
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