Stand Out from the Crowd 5 Android smartphones with AI-Generated Wallpapers

Our wallpapers are a great way to show off our unique style.

With Galaxy AI, choose from 9 prompts and 6 categories for unique wallpapers instantly. Custom prompts are not supported yet.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Rather than full images, it creates patterns from your gallery or camera shots. Match your style with wallpapers reflecting clothing, accessories, or architecture.

Moto Edge 50 Pro

Nothing Phone (2a) brings AI wallpaper magic. Mix and match images from the customization menu for unique creations. Download or set directly from the wallpaper studio option.

Nothing Phone (2a)

Infinix Note 40 Pro offers AI-generated wallpapers with a twist. Similar to Gemini AI or ChaGPT, give custom text prompts for instant wallpapers.

Infinix Note 40 Pro

With the OneUI 6.1 update, Samsung Galaxy S23 series joins the AI wallpaper trend. Enjoy generating wallpapers on Galaxy S23,.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series