Starting a Business with Just Rs 10000

How good to Starting a Business with Just Rs 10000, Idea, Tips and Tricks.

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Starting a Business with Just Rs 10000,

Starting a Business with Just Rs 10000, you can launch a business regardless of your role—you can be a homemaker, a college student, or someone else entirely.

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Pickle Company

Pickles are a tasty and adaptable dish that go well with both meals and snacks. Because they are relatively inexpensive to make at home, they are also a popular product to sell. If you're considering launching a pickle Business with Just Rs 10000 from home, there are a few steps you must take first.
1. Do market research

2. Create a plan of action for your firm.

3. Obtain the required authorizations and licenses.

4. Purchase your supplies and ingredients

5. Create new recipes

6. Present your pickles in packaging

7. Promote and cash in on your pickles

Indians have a particular fondness for sour food, and pickles and chutneys are staples at meals. Preparing homemade pickles for a family is a labor-intensive process. Fresh raw materials and packaging materials are all you need. Using word-of-mouth and effective marketing techniques, you can establish a connection with your customers.

Writing a blog

With just a meager Rs 10,000 investment, one of the fastest-growing companies of the past ten years gets started. Many businesses are hiring bloggers to write stories and articles for their websites so they may reach a worldwide audience. Blogging has become an essential tool for organizations in the internet era. The best part is that it can be completed with a cheap expenditure of Rs 10,000 and doesn't demand a large amount of capital.

Needed Budget Product Wise:

Registration: Rs. 699 per year;

Hosting: Rs. 2000–3000 per year

Theme: Premium; Duration: 2000-8000;

Content Writer: Rs. 0.2-Rs. 5 per word

These days, a lot of business owners are finding success with blogging, mostly due to the low equipment and investment requirements. Despite the fact that there are millions of blogs on the internet, it’s critical to recognize the distinctive feature of your blog that will draw readers in. The secret to success in this situation is to pick a topic or specialty in which you are knowledgeable and can write extensively. Selecting an appropriate blogging platform is the first step towards beginning a blog. Many blogging platforms are available to users, encouraging them to launch their own blogs. WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, and Drupal are a few of the most flexible and user-friendly platforms out there; each website is unique in terms of functionality, design, and search engine optimization.

The next step is to register a domain name, which is essentially the URL that leads to your website. You can accomplish this for a fee that ranges from INR 199 to 599 with domain registrars such as GoDaddy. The next step is to purchase web hosting, which typically costs more than renting a name. A few of the well-known web hosts are Hostgator, 1&1, GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Siteground. For novices, we personally suggest Siteground, which is priced between INR 2000 and INR 3000 and has better quality than any of its rivals.

Tiffin Services

Don't we all enjoy eating? in particular, the ones produced by hand. However, some folks constantly miss the homemade food. You can consider this opportunity of Business with Just Rs 10000. Since they are working on their dreams alone here, they are unable to have access to homemade food. However, while pursuing their own ambitions, these people are providing for those who have dreams. These are the persons who offer tiffin services, or homemade food, to those individuals.
The idea of providing tiffin services is not new. It has existed for a very long period. Those who are most in need are receiving homemade food from others. We also know that eating well always puts people in a good mood.

Establishing a tiffin service is a great option for low-income women. With basic kitchen items, it may be started with little financial outlay. Healthy handmade tiffin services are in demand because most couples these days work.

Fitness Instructor Online

People's interest in fitness has increased since the pandemic, and they are willing to spend a significant amount of money on their health. Recently, there has been a rise in demand for online fitness instructors. This company is for you if you have a wealth of expertise in this field.

In addition to earning a solid living, working as an online fitness coach offers you the opportunity to assist others in reaching their fitness objectives. There are several ways for you to get that money, such as charging for each session and establishing yearly or monthly subscriptions.

Hey, don't forget about the opportunities to conduct one-on-one or group coaching sessions specifically for your clients. Choose what suits you the most - it's like having your own buffet for an online fitness business!
Starting a Business with Just Rs 10000

Cooking Instructions on YouTube or YouTube Channel

Starting a food channel on YouTube is a great choice if you have a passion for cooking. People can make a nice living by sharing their recipes. Although it takes time and effort, making a video, editing it, and then posting it on YouTube can become a profitable commercial endeavor with minimal capital.
Needed Budget Product Wise:

Free YouTube Channel.

$7,00–10,000 for a Video Editor

Your mobile camera is already with you.

Another fascinating and profitable business that many up-and-coming video bloggers are using is starting a YouTube channel. Take 29-year-old entrepreneur Michelle Phan, for example. She is one of the highest-earning celebrities on YouTube and earns approximately $3 million in ad revenue through social media. Michelle Phan specializes in uploading beauty videos. Another well-known YouTuber from India is Bhuvan Bam, whose channel, BB Ki Vines, currently has over 500 million views and over 4 million followers. Creators on You Tube can earn money by signing brand endorsements, as Michelle did in 2013 with Lancome. Not to mention that such high profit margins are only attained later on, when a YouTuber can make anywhere from $1 to $15.

Start by making a new, free YouTube account with a distinct email address. Choose the content for the videos next. It is critical to comprehend who your target market is. Engage with your intended audience in the comment area and keep abreast of the most recent developments in the industry of your choice. To improve your ability to connect with your audience, make your material creative. If your brand is starting to gain some traction, you might want to think about signing longer-term contracts with other brands rather than only picking one-off deals.

Yoga Courses

You can begin teaching yoga asanas online from your house or a community center. In today's fast-paced world, people have little time but yet want to maintain their health and recognize the benefits of yoga. One of the most sought-after businesses that may be launched with a mere Rs 10,000 investment is this one.

Seasonal Selling

The best part is that it's inexpensive and simple to launch a seasonal or holiday business. If necessary, take care of all the legal matters before choosing a suitable place to launch your company. Running a seasonal sales-based business from home can also be a good alternative. However, there are still local license and permission requirements for home-based businesses. Do extensive market research to ensure that there is a sizable demand for your type of business.
Required raw materials:

Present Cards & Christmas Caps

Crackers Colors, and so forth, based on the celebration or event that you select
Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Secretaries’ Day are the most lucrative holidays in the West after the Christmas rush. To enable you to operate in every month, pick one festival for every month. For example, Diwali is the largest seasonal market globally, offering a plethora of options for kids to earn money through the sale of crackers. To keep the momentum going, consider selling raincoats during the wet season, winter gloves, red hats for Christmas, Diwali crackers, and so on.

The next difficult chore is hiring seasonal labor, but fortunately there are plenty of websites like Upwork that make it much easier to find part-time employees. Prior to getting a website, advertise your company online and on social media. Once your company name is established, use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others to promote your brand. To increase brand awareness, you should also distribute fliers, go to trade exhibits, and participate in neighborhood activities.


Starting a business with just Rs 10,000 offers diverse opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds. Whether it's launching a pickle company, blogging, providing tiffin services, or offering online fitness coaching, these ventures require minimal investment yet hold great potential for success. Leveraging creativity and online platforms like YouTube, entrepreneurs can tap into niche markets and generate income while building their brands. With dedication and adaptability, launching a business with Rs 10,000 can be the first step towards financial independence and entrepreneurial fulfillment. So, why wait? Start your journey to business success today!
Starting a Business with Just Rs 10000

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