Why Muslim population Increasing

Why Muslim population Increasing? If The Fertility Rate Among Muslims Has Dropped The Most During The Past 20 Years.

why Muslim population Increasing?

You must have seen Muslims being killed, tortured, and their population being try to reduce everywhere. Yet, their population is increasing day by day. Question is why Muslim population Increasing? If we consider graphs, it is estimated that by 2050, their population will be the largest in the world. So what is the reason behind this? Even though their fertility rate has decreased and their education has also improved, what is the reason that their population is increasing day by day? Today, we will try to understand this in this blog post. And let me tell you that my intention in this blog post is not to offend anyone but to share information with people.

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In recent times, you must have noticed some famous individuals who have had a positive social impact in one way or another. People knew them, followed them, but news came that these individuals accepted Islam. Such as Britain’s Alfred William and billionaire owner of the company Alsi, Brazil’s famous fighter Nascimento, priest of the Orthodox Church in Russia, famous rapper from America, famous celebrity Durk Darek, and Indian YouTuber Param Singh. There are so many names that it’s hard to list them all. But a question arises: What is it about Islam that people are converting to it so rapidly, leaving other religions behind? This at a time when Islamophobia is at its peak. Yet, people, especially intellectuals, are giving Islam more importance compared to other religions. May this be one reason. That’s why Muslim population Increasing .
Why Muslim population Increasing

World population and Muslim Population percentage

In today's article, we will try to understand why Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world. Currently, the world's population is around 8 billion, with Christians comprising 31.1%, Muslims 24.9%, secular, agnostic, and atheist populations combined at 15.58%, Hindus at 15.16%, and the remaining 13.25% belonging to various other religions.

The largest Muslim population in the world resides in Indonesia, followed by Pakistan and then India. According to studies, by 2050, India will have the largest Muslim population of any country. However, if you look worldwide, Islam's graph is consistently growing rapidly, and by the year 2050, Islam will become the world's largest religion. Islam has become the fastest-growing religion in many countries such as Japan, Europe, France, America, and India.

Question arises why Muslim population Increasing?

So now the question arises: why is Islam growing so rapidly? The first reason that has always been cited is that Muslims have a much higher fertility rate compared to other religions. Muslims tend to have more children than other religious groups, which is why Islam is growing rapidly. However, according to surveys conducted by the Central Union ministry, the fertility rate among Muslims has also decreased.

Second reason of increasing Muslim population>

Another reason is that people from other religions are being attracted towards Islam every day. News comes from somewhere about a famous individual who has embraced Islam. Sometimes it's a famous billionaire, sometimes a renowned fighter, rapper, or celebrity. These are the stories of people who are famous in some way. People follow them, but there are also many ordinary people who are adopting Islam. Due to being common people, they do not find a place on social media or news portals. Let me tell you some approximate data: According to The New York Times, around 25% of America's total Muslim population consists of converted Muslims.

According to a statement, more than 20,000 Americans accept Islam every year. Similarly, in Britain, around 6,000 people convert to Islam. Japan is also a country where people are rapidly joining Islam. According to Waseda University , Japan's Muslim population has more than doubled in the last 10 years, with over 50,000 Japanese people accepting Islam. Recently, a report came out stating that the Muslim population in the world has crossed 2 billion, a significant number of which are converted Muslims.

Now the question arises, why are people converting to Islam?

There is no single answer to this. When asked why they embraced Islam, those who have accepted Islam have given various reasons. However, one common reason observed is that when a non-Muslim comes into contact with an actual practicing Muslim who follows the basics of Islam, they are attracted towards it. Observing such a person and seeing them follow the fundamentals of Islam often sparks curiosity and prompts them to learn more about Islam, revealing things that come as a surprise to a non-Muslim.

Due to this single point, countless individuals have accepted Islam

For example, social equality is observed differently in other religions. In India, society is divided based on caste , with a hierarchical structure where the lowest caste, called Shudras, is considered inferior. Those from higher castes often consider them untouchable and refuse to drink water touched by them . Similarly, discrimination against black and white individuals existed in other religions, where black people were enslaved, beaten, and treated like animals.

In such circumstances, when a non-Muslim who has not received social justice encounters Islam, they learn about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) , who not only granted freedom to a black slave named Bilal but also elevated him in front of other Muslims by allowing him to call the Adhan from the sixth step of the Kaaba. Moreover, when people learned about a speech by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in which he said, "An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor does a non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab; a white has no superiority over a black, nor does a black have any superiority over a white; none have superiority over another except by piety and good action," many were influenced to embrace Islam.
Why Muslim population Increasing

Here one another reason is Forgiveness, that's why Muslim population Increasing?

Another reason is the concept of forgiveness in Islam , which is remarkable. When people learn about it, they are greatly impressed, and many choose to accept Islam. For example, imagine if someone is insulted or boycotted by an entire community, their natural reaction might be to seek revenge once they gain control over that community. They may not seek revenge from everyone, but they will certainly retaliate against those who incited their own people against them and offered rewards for their killing. It's often seen that those who incited violence against them and offered rewards for their killing were the ones advocating giving rewards to their killers. This kind of behavior is typically observed.
However, in Islamic history, the opposite of this is true. In the 7th century , during the early years of Islam, for about ten years, there were fewer than forty Muslims. During this period, powerful individuals harassed Muslims and planned to assassinate Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), offering rewards for his killing. They promised rewards to those who would kill him. During this time, all Muslims were socially boycotted, and they were confined to a mountain called Shab-e-Abi Talib for three years. The leaders of Mecca announced that no one should buy or sell anything to Muslims, and if anyone did, they would also face consequences. Even after the boycott period ended, the people of Mecca continued to target Muslims.

Migration of Muslims to Madina.

Considering the situation, in 622 AD , Muslims were instructed to migrate from Mecca to Medina , a journey known as the Migration (Hijrat) in Islamic history. Muslims left Mecca and traveled to Medina, which was referred to as Yathrib at that time.
However, the leaders of Mecca were determined to eradicate Islam completely, even if it meant killing all Muslims . With this intention, the Muslims and the army of Mecca’s leaders fought the first battle known as the Battle of Badr (Gazwa-E-Badar) . The Muslims emerged victorious in this battle. In retaliation for this defeat, the leaders of Mecca sent out their army once again to fight Islam’s second battle, known as the Battle of Uhud (Gazwa-E-Uhud).

When Muslims came to power, what did they do to the people of Mecca?

However, ten years later, when the Muslims who had left Mecca and migrated to Medina returned as a formidable force, fear gripped the leaders of Mecca. They realized that they had subjected the Muslims to severe torture and had attempted to assassinate Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Now, with Muslims being more powerful, they feared retaliation. Many people surrendered out of this fear, while others fled Mecca. However, when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) began to address the people, their perception changed entirely. A public announcement was made that all those who had troubled the Muslims, harmed them, or forced them to leave Mecca were forgiven.

What did Meccan people do?

This one statement proved to be so effective that all those who earlier wanted to destroy Islam accepted Islam.

And even today its impact is so much that when a non-Muslim reads this chapter of Islam, he gets attracted towards Islam.

Third big reason that's Why Muslim population Increasing?

The third and most significant reason is behavior. Today, the image of Islam being portrayed on social media does not necessarily reflect its reality. Although it is not clear whether all Muslims behave according to Islamic basics, Islam prohibits drinking alcohol and considers it the root of all evils. However, today, you will see Muslims standing in line at liquor stores. On the other hand, there are also Muslims whose behavior aligns with Islamic basics. For example, Islam instructs its followers that if there is one piece of bread in your home and your neighbor is hungry, it is essential to share half of it with them. It is not specified that the neighbor must be Muslim; rather, regardless of their religion, you should treat them with kindness.
Why Muslim population Increasing
And in today’s time, when a non-Muslim observes the behavior of an actual Muslim, he gets attracted by his behavior and this region Islam is playing the biggest role in taking it forward so fast. Apart from this, justice, tolerance, patience. peace the day of judgment and many more regions.


Due to all these reasons, people are preferring Islam over other religions. The trend of prominent celebrities accepting Islam also contributes to this shift. Additionally, Islamophobic advertisements inadvertently help Islam by sparking curiosity among people. When individuals make anti-Islamic claims, it has both negative and positive impacts. Negatively, it fuels hatred towards Islam within non-Muslim communities. However, on the positive side, it prompts people to fact-check these claims, leading them to explore Islam. They discover points that contradict the claims, and eventually, they accept Islam as they realize the stark difference between the reality and the claims made against it, that's Why Muslim population Increasing.
Why Muslim population Increasing


In conclusion, it is understood that the increase in the Muslim population is not solely due to fertility but also because fertility rates have decreased. Another reason is the discrimination against Muslims, Islamophobia, and various actions taken against them. The behavior of real Muslims and their adherence to Islamic teachings are also contributing factors. That's why Muslim population Increasing These reasons collectively lead to people accepting Islam, not just because of fertility rates, as those rates have decreased.
So, I believe I’ve given you all the information. I hope you gain some imformations. If you did, don’t forget to like and share it. Stay tuned to our blog for regular updates and insights.

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Ans: Slovakia has an estimated 5,900 Muslims in 2010, which is less than 0.1% of the total population. Slovakia is the sole EU member state without a mosque as of October 2023.

Q: Can non Muslims visit masjid?

Ans: Yes, non-Muslims are welcome, and most mosques accept guests of different religions.

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Ans: Yes

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